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The 15 Stages of Class Registration


It’s that time of year. Similar to the Hunger Games or getting the perfect swimsuit at Target before they all sell out, registering for classes is stressful and emotionally taxing. Obviously you want to take the best classes with the best professors... but so does everyone else at your school. No matter what your major or concentration are, it always seems that the good classes get snatched up at an inhuman speed, leaving you with your second (or third, or seventh) choice course. Here's what every collegiette goes through while registering for classes. We feel you, girl. We’ve been there, too.

1. Plan out your perfect schedule, ensuring that you don’t have class on Fridays and you have the best professors. This is actually kind of exciting!

2. Get your registration time; not the worst possible time, but also not awesome.

3. Check with other people in your major to compare registration times and figure out, roughly, your chances of getting all the classes you want.

4. Skip class so that you have ultimate silence and focus during your registration time.

5. Frantically type in course numbers and titles as soon as your registration time starts. Start to feel really nervous. 

6. System overloads with all the people trying to register. Close out and start again.

7. First choice class is still open! Success.

8. Try to find your other classes. Of course, they’re all full.

9. Desperately try to find backup classes.

10. Stubbornly refuse to take a class that meets at 8 a.m. on Fridays.

11. Finally find enough classes to put together a full schedule.

12. Definitely not ideal, but at least you don’t have to take some obscure medieval poetry class.

13. Sigh with relief as you click “save.”

14. Cry a little as the result of all the emotional stress of what you've just been through. 

15. Take a nap. You deserve it.

And you're done! Until next semester, that is. 

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