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Here's Your Perfect Tattoo, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Your body is a temple, a temple that you are free to decorate as you please, which makes choosing the right tattoo especially difficult.

While it may be fun to get a tattoo based on the current trends, the simple fact is that once you get a tattoo, it’s not going anywhere. If you’re looking for a tattoo that’s meaningful and timeless, you may need to do some soul searching and determine a symbol or design that truly reflects your ~vibe~. So why not let the stars decide for you?


As an Aries, you like to be the best at what you do, no matter what it is. You have an insatiable need for success, and your go-getting personality fuels you in every aspect of your life. Your friends look to your for inspiration in every aspect: fashion, career, school, you name it. An Aries girl is out to break the glass ceiling and take no prisoners in the workplace.  For your tattoo, consider a key. You’re not one to follow the crowd, and you’re always the first to “open the door,” metaphorically speaking.


Taurus girls are the definition of loyal, and your perseverance and patience sets you apart from the others. When it comes to friends, the Taurus girl values quality over quantity, even though everyone looks to you for advice and support. You thrive on stability, and you keep your circle small—just the way you like it. Staying grounded and true to yourself is important, and you value that in your relationships as well. An anchor is a perfect symbol for you Taurus, because much like you it represents security, dedication and hope.


Geminis never fail to leave an impression on the people they meet. In fact, Geminis are considered to be one of the most interesting signs (lucky you)!  If you’re a Gemini, chances are you’re an enthusiastic free spirit who doesn’t like to stay in the same place for very long. You bring sunshine and positivity to everyone, which might make you the “mom” of your friend group. The wave is a great way to symbolize your wanderlust nature, and if placed on your wrist it can serve as a constant reminder of your inner freedom.


As a Cancer, you are full of contradictions. You crave attention and reassurance from others, but know you are capable of going at it alone. While your spontaneous nature helps keep things interesting, you make sure to balance your adventures with just the right amount of responsibility, which sure comes in handy when choosing between a night out on the town and a night in the library. The Ying Yang symbol sums you up perfectly, representing your ability to balance being independent when you have to be, and your constant need to be loved.


Leo, you’re the leader of the pack, and you aren’t afraid to let others know you mean business. Being straightforward and direct is your forte, you exude passion and fearlessness in everything you do. Your theme song is “Confident” by Demi Lovato, and you certainly aren’t afraid of being the center of attention at all times. The Leo girl knows how to work a room. A crown is the perfect tattoo for you. You’re a fair leader, and a loyal friend, and worthy of such a regal symbol.

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Virgos have a fierce intelligence that allows them to get things done, their own way. Virgo girls are straightforward, logical thinkers who are the go-to friends during a crisis. You’re a perfectionist, and like for everything to be just right, which may come in handy for making plans in the group chat. The Virgo girl is an ideal candidate for a killer internship, because she always has her life together--color-coded planner and all.  An owl suits Virgos very well, as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.


If the signs were all Spice Girls, Libra would be Posh. You love doing new, exciting and unusual things, usually with equally as exciting people. Your friends can always count on you to see the beauty in others, and you’re a fierce lady from head-to-toe. Libra girls make great bloggers, because they’re always improving and tweaking their own personal #brand and style. You’ve got a lot of flair, so a peacock is the perfect symbol for you. You know just how to ruffle some feathers (literally) and to show off when necessary.


If you know a Scorpio, chances are she’s always keeping you on your toes…because Scorpio girls are intense little creatures. Scorpio, you are no damsel in distress, and you make that perfectly clear to potential significant others. For this sign, power and mystery are key traits. For you, keep it classic with your zodiac symbol. Your strong, commanding personality is represented well by the scorpion, a small but mighty animal with the power to shock and amaze. The tiny stinger at the end of the symbol shows others that you’re nothing to mess with, and let’s face it, you’re a badass.


The Sagittarius girl is always seeking new adventures and new ways to explore the world around her...even if she has to explore it alone. You thrive off freedom, independence, and are always kind to others. Of all the zodiac signs, you’re the “wild child,” and you’re proud of it. A Sagittarius girl loves deep, philosophical conversations about life, making her a great guest for a girl’s wine night in. Coordinates to your favorite vacation spot or even a tiny, minimalist world map are sure to keep your wanderlust spirit alive, and let others know that you’re always up for a road trip.


The Capricorn girl is definitely the girl you want in your group project. She is a leader and will most likely take over, because it’s just who she is. Chances are, a Capricorn is three steps ahead of everyone else. She’s a self-starter, and dreams of becoming her own boss one day. She values her professional life, and is definitely a good friend to bring to a networking event (she’ll also probably look over your resume if you ask). The Capricorn girl is an expert at time management, making a clock tattoo the perfect reminder that time is hers to own, and that time is money.


Aquarius girls are particularly conscious of the world around them, and they live for serving and helping others. Your imagination is always running wild, and your curiosity always leads you into interesting situations. Aside from that, the Aquarius girl thinks outside the box, and uses her inherent creativity to go about the world and solve problems in a unique way. Your friends can count on you to bring the ~good vibes~.  The dove represents the Aquarius girl well, as they both promote peace, love and harmony.


Intuition and compassion are two key characteristics of the Pisces girl. She is most likely the one to volunteer in her spare time, and is always up for a charity event. Pisces like to see the best in people, and always give others the benefit of the doubt..even when they don’t deserve it. You’re a hopeless romantic, and definitely seek long, meaningful relationships over hook ups. Pisces love to get in touch with their artistic side, and are inherently musically inclined, making the Treble clef a tasteful, timeless way to represent this sign.

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