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17 Things Only Girls Who Are Always Sweaty Understand


Sweat is nothing to be ashamed of; after all, it's a natural bodily function. But when you're a sweaty girl, you have other problems that some people may not understand. And you have to do certain things to prevent your sweatiness from repelling everyone you meet. You'll only be able to understand these struggles if you're used to being sweaty all the stinking time. 

1. You can't arrive anywhere without sweat stains and melting makeup

You get to class and you look like you just ran a marathon. 

2. You go through deodorant like crazy

And that ish isn't cheap. 

3. Once you get into an air conditioned room, you're instantly cold 

Because you're covered in sweat. 

4. You wear all black so your sweat stains aren't obvious 

5. You even sweat in winter

Through your winter coat. 

6. Not knowing whether your nose is running or if your upper lip is just really sweaty

Either way, you're wiping your nose on your sleeve. 

7. Wanting to shower three times a day because you're worried you smell

Is that me or is that someone else???????

8. Not ever wearing shorts because you know that chub rub is very real

@chafe, no thanks

9. Not wanting to go outside in summer cause you know you'll sweat

"Sorry, can't hang…too sweaty."

10. You hate going to the bar

Tons of people, packed together in a room, sweating. No thanks. 

11. Tanning automatically equals sweating

I'mmm meltinnnnnnng…

12. People always think you're nervous

Nope, I swear. It's just a lil hot out. 

13. Not wanting to hug because you're worried you're too sweaty/smelly

14. Peeling your thighs off a leather seat

Sorry, you go ahead. I'm a little stuck. 

15. Peeling your clothes off at the end of the day

16. Not wanting to wear your backpack cause you know it'll make you sweat even more

Ew, or feeling the sweat on your backpack after you take it off.  

17. Sweating the whole time you read this article

And I'm wet.

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