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17 Signs You're in Full-on School Mode


October is approaching, and you know what that means! You've been back at school for so long that summer is but a mere memory in the far off distance. Here are the 17 signs you’re in full-on school mode, whether you’re aware of it or not.

1. You're racking up on shifts for your part-time job.

As soon as you hear a whisper of an available shift, you’re all over it. This is the time to take your coworkers' unwanted shifts because when midterms arrive, you'll be too busy to work any extra hours. You know how broke you’re going to be until next summer.

2. You've stopped stressing over your clothes.

You were definitely worrying over what to wear during the first week of classes, but that's faded. What are you going to do with your hair? Should you vamp up your wardrobe? Should you buy a backpack or a cute and comfortable purse for school? Do college students even wear backpacks? Are backpacks even considered cool anymore? (These are all questions you no longer care to know the answer to.) 

3. The reality that you're pretty much poor is starting to set in.

You tried so hard to save your money, so where did it all go?

4. You've given up on trying to sell/buy used textbooks.

You're over trying to figure out which of the 40 people in the crowded campus coffee shop is the one that wants to sell you her textbook. And you've come this far without the required reading; you may not need it at all. 

5. Your room is a disaster.

You were so hopeful when the semester started. New year, new set-up! You probably even took a trip to your local Ikea, trying to figure out how to do something different with your small space. Now you can't see the floor for the piles of dirty laundry.

6. You're realizing you probably should've reviewed the course material.

Because there’s a 95 percent chance that you forgot what you learned last year and still have no idea how to properly write a thesis.

7. You're counting down the days until your next break.

Even if it's just a long weekend, you'll take it.

8. You sit in the same place every day in class.

Of course, it's beside your designated “when-I-don’t-show-up-to-lecture” note taker.

9. You miss all the benefits that came with orientation week.

Free food, free parties, free swag! Now you have to attend sporting events to get free stuff? Not cool!

10. You’re busy with club activities.

When your hair is greying and you're looking back on life, you'll regret not having been apart of anything at your school. But right now the weekly meet-ups are draining what little energy you have left.

11. You’re behind on your readings.

There’s no shame in hiding behind that kid who's constantly raising his hand, though your prof may not appreciate it.

12. Your calendar is filled with due dates and deadlines...

...even though summer was only, like, a month ago.

13. You’re behind on all of your favorite TV shows.

TV is your life when you’re not knee deep in readings, assignments and stress. Why do all the shows come back on after school starts anyway? 

14. You’ve regained your typing speed.

Taking notes was hard since you hadn’t been typing 70 words a minute all summer. But now you're on your A-game.

15. You’re brainstorming ideas for projects/essays the night before they're due.

What? You forgot.

16. You're spending your free evenings far from the library.

Yep, you're officially in the swing of things...

17. You wait in line for Starbucks three times a day.

The semester’s not even halfway over, and you’re already in dire need of a double shot of espresso. 

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