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7 Reasons We Love Grey's Anatomy's Alex—Despite What He Did in the Premiere


If you're a Grey's Anatomy fan (like we all are!), then you definitely watched the season 13 premiere tonight. After the cliffhanger at the end of season 12, it's no question that you were on the edge of your seat. For the past few months, Shonda Rhimes has been torturing us with spoilers—the secrets were finally unveiled and now we all want more.

As you may know, at the end of season 12, we all saw Alex Karev punch DeLuca because he thought DeLuca was fooling around with Jo. At the beginning of season 13, the viewers saw just how badly DeLuca was actually hurt, which made us think he was going to die. This insane drama left the burning questions, "Is DeLuca going to die?", "Will Alex get arrested?" and  "Why did Alex do this without talking to Jo?"

Fans everywhere were brought to tears when he turned himself in at the end of the episode, but we think that taking responsibility is the most mature thing Dr. Alex Karev has done in years. 

Even though he committed a not-so-forgiveable act, Grey's Anatomy fans will forever love him for who he is. And here's why:

He takes responsibility for his actions

Karev has come a long way since his first few days on set. His character has gone from "I'm cool. I think I know everything." to "I'm turning myself in and accept what happened happened."

He loves and he loves hard

He has a soft side and found the perfect woman for him, and he proposed to her. Need we say more?

He knows how to encourage you

Alex Karev motivational speeches are the best kinds of motivational speeches. 

He's honest and accepts himself

He accepts that he used to be a loser, but he also accepts the fact that he tells the truth no matter what. We would want Karev on our side in an argument, that's for sure.

He and Meredith are the ultimate BFF goals

Ever since day one, Karev and Meredith were best friends. Even though he was a total jerk the first few episodes, Shonda Rhimes matured these two into becoming the best of friends. Should Alex and Meredith date? Or should they stay strictly friends? Regardless of what you think, their chemistry in tonight's episode was OFF. THE. CHARTS.

He loves kids

Just one of the reasons why he makes the best pediatric surgeon ever. This melts our hearts.

He puts his colleagues first because they're family

Sloan Grey Memorial Hospital for life

What do you think, collegiettes? Do you still love Dr. Alex Karev? Or are you upset with what he did?

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