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What the Disney Princes Would Be Like in College


Growing up, we watched our fair share of Disney movies, filled with princesses and princes. Inevitably, we found ourselves wishing we could be rescued by a prince, fall in love in the jungle or run away with a guy who has a pet monkey. Little did we know that we would eventually find guys just like the Disney princes when we got to college!

Although they may not share the same names or look particularly animated, you definitely know a few guys who match these princes' descriptions. This is what the Disney princes would be like if they actually existed at a campus near you.

Prince Florian: The Tinder Expert

Let’s be honest: although Snow White’s prince was supposedly in love with her before she bit into that poisoned apple, he didn’t show up until it was time to give her a smooch. If he were in college, he’d constantly be swiping right and trying to meet up with whatever pretty girl needed to be “rescued.”

The Beast: The Ultimate (Misunderstood) Frat Bro

The Beast is that guy who absolutely loves his frat, his pledge brothers and parties—and he might have a bit of a beer belly. While he’s often written off as someone with a one-track mind (if you know what we mean), the Beast still has a heart of gold and loves nothing more than a romantic dinner date. He will continue to be turned down by any girl he asks out until he finds that special someone who sees beyond his rough exterior.

Prince Eric: The Campus Legacy

He’s not famous on campus because of some impressive party trick, but because the new library is named after his very wealthy father. Many girls are after Eric for his money, but he’s just a typical guy who just wants to be different from his family and fall in love with a genuine girl. He’s often seen in coffee shops and bookstores or hanging with his dog.

Tarzan: The Dropout

He’s that guy who got tired of conforming to society’s standards. College? Not for him. After a mere month at university, he left to travel the world (because even a semester abroad wasn’t quite adventurous enough). Tarzan is a free spirit and perfect for one of those bad boy phases that every girl seems to go through at some point in her life.

Hercules: The Guy Who Lives at the Gym

It could be six in the morning on a Monday, and he’d still be at the campus gym hitting the weights. “Cardio” isn’t in his vocabulary, and he’s always willing to tell you that (and to talk about how much he lifts in general). He’s been accused of taking steroids multiple times, and his Instagram is full of the hashtag #gains. If you do see him anywhere but the gym, he is most likely wearing a muscle tee.

Prince Philip: Everyone’s Best Friend

It’s hard to find someone on campus who doesn’t love this guy. He’s cute, funny and always down to go out (partly because he’s a good dancer). He’ll give you the best compliments and stick up for you no matter what! Despite the fact that he's friends with everyone, girls are constantly falling for him because of his poetic soul.

Aladdin: The Rebel Your Parents Wish You’d Never Met

We all know him: the elusive and mysterious guy who sits at the back of every class and makes random but insightful comments. Despite his creative nature, he doesn’t like following any sort of rules. Therefore, he also doesn’t care for authority—whether it's the law or your parents. 

Prince Charming: The Star Football Player

His plays are often shown on ESPN, people slyly take pictures as he walks by them on campus, and all of the girls at your school are dying to get just one date with him. Even though he's insanely popular, he’s still down to earth. When he does settle down with a girl, he’s extremely committed to their relationship, even though others continue trying to steal his affection.

Captain Li Shang: The Straight-A Student

He doesn’t just study—he stays after class, goes to his professors’ office hours and is constantly meeting with his advisor. This guy is most likely on a scholarship, which just makes him more determined to do well. On a Saturday night, you can find him at the library or at home studying.

Regardless of the movie, it’s pretty easy to spot at least one Disney prince’s twin somewhere on your campus. Keep a look out, ladies!

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