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26 Chuck & Blair Moments That Still Make Us Swoon


As early as season one of Gossip Girl, we knew Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf were made for each other, even when they didn’t realize it themselves. Their scheming ways and undeniable chemistry drew them together time and again. Just like you, we’re still not over this duo. As a matter of fact, these 26 Chair moments still make us swoon.

1. When Chuck apologized to Blair…for everything

2. When Chuck crashed Blair’s royal wedding

3. That time they had hate sex on a piano

4. When he FINALLY said “I love you” for the first time

5. When their snuggles made everything okay

6. That time they shared the best goodbye kiss of all time

7. When Chuck proved just how romantic he can be

8. When Blair stopped playing games and told Chuck she loved him

9. When Chuck confided in Blair

10. Their first hookup

11. When Chuck and Blair actually had some fun

12. The time Blair first uttered “three words, eight letters”

13. When Chuck came to Blair for comfort

14. When Chuck admitted he was still in love with Blair

15. When he shared his plans for the future with her

16. When Chuck accepted Blair’s baby as his own

17. When Chuck was nothing but a gentleman

18. When Blair kept fighting for Chuck, even though he gave her every reason not to

19. When Chuck gave Blair the perfect prom

20. When they were still in the early stages of flirting

21. That time Chuck told Nate he would always love Blair

22. When they let each other go

23. When they were engaged but not really

24. That time we fell in love with Parisian train stations

25. When they said “I do”

26. When Chuck proposed to Blair FOR REAL

Let’s be honest: there are SO many swoon-worthy Chuck and Blair moments. How could we possibly include them all?

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