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10 Dainty Pieces of Jewelry Every Minimalist Needs


While big, chunky jewelry is perfect for making a statement and standing out, sometimes a girl just wants something pretty to wear all the time. These ten dainty pieces are perfect for basically any outfit on any day. Hint—that means less work picking out your accessories in the morning too. You’re welcome. 

1. Kendra Scott Elisa Gold Pendant Necklace (in Iridescent Drusy), $65

Lately Kendra Scott has been all of the rage. What’s perfect about the brand’s pieces is the simplicity and day-to-day wear-ability. The gorgeous gems can complement nearly any outfit. 

2. BaubleBar Ice Alpha Bracelet, $32

An itty bitty initial around your wrist represents you, but doesn’t scream your name for everyone to hear. And the glimmer of ice gives the look just a wee bit of shine.

3. Mod Cloth Quote Couture Earrings, $9.99

Because you want to make a subtle statement. Get it?

4.Catbird Heart Ring (In Rose Gold), $96

For the sweet and simple girl, this barely-there ring will make any outfit more adorable. Bonus: should you feel like it, you can have a letter stamped on too.

5. Ariel Gordon Starry Night Bracelet, $345

Every minimalist needs a simple chain bracelet, and this one just goes one step further with the off-kilter star and moon.

6. By Boe Triangular Studs, $55

Probably the simplest piece of jewelry you may ever own, these studs don’t even have back stoppers. Just hook them in and go. The rustic finish makes them a must-have for any edgy minimalist.

7. Vrai and Oro Round Black Diamond Stacker, $125

When someone thinks of a minimalist black almost always comes to mind. Since most of your wardrobe probably already fits that stereotype, you might as well get a ring to compliment it.

8. Madewell Rivet and Thread Locket Necklace, $34

Forget that locket you had when you were twelve. Made of raw brass, this grown-up version looks way cooler.

9. Urban Outfitters Aurora Short Necklace, $16

This necklace kind of looks like a teeny, tiny dog tag, but without the random engraving. Its geometric simplicity compliments any minimalist wardrobe. The short length also plays into the edgy choker trend. How fetch.

10. The Little Market Twister Bracelet (in Gray and Rose Gold), $12

This handmade bracelet looks super cute, but better yet it’s sold by The Little Market, which benefits artisan women in impoverished areas by selling their pieces. You can add a new piece to your minimalist collection while also improving the lives of these women. We call that a win-win.

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