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11 Ways 'Gossip Girl' Would Be Different in 2016


As many of you may or may not know, today is the anniversary of Gossip Girl's premiere—aka the best day in the world. From teaching young women how to rule over their peers to how to dress for a party, the teens of Gossip Girl were our role models. But that does not go without saying that some things might be a bit different if the show took place in modern times. Here are 11 ways Gossip Girl would be totally different in 2016: 

1. Gossip Girl would not be anonymous

The biggest plot line of Gossip Girl is, in fact, Gossip Girl. If instead of the early 2000s this show took place in 2016, Gossip Girl would be a very prominent blogger with a huge Instagram following, who has eyes everywhere and anywhere. 

2. Drama wouldn't be happening over a flip phone

The most obvious difference would be the technology. Instead of a text message giving everyone the scoop from the Upper East Side, it would be an app with some push notifications that you would promptly turn off if it got too annoying. Buh bye, GG.

3. Goodbye headbands, hello chokers

Besides being queen of life, Blair Waldorf is also known for her active use of headbands in the first few seasons. Well, sorry B, but modern day Gossip Girl is all about the choker. One can assume that Blair's would look something like this: 

4. The teens would not get away with drinking cocktails all the time 

Okay, is it just us or do these kids get away with drinking and partying WITHOUT getting carded everywhere they go?! If GG were filmed today, every character would have a chic fake ID that would promptly get taken away in a dramatic episode. 

5. Blair's minions would be her squad

Thanks to T. Swift, squads are back in style, and Blair certainly would have one. Now that we're thinking about it, maybe Taylor Swift actually is Blair Waldorf, and everyone in her squad really just hates her and is following her blindly. Sorry, nevermind. Bye. 

6. Dorota would be a hot foreign au pair and not "the help" 

The maid outfit is sooo 2007.

7. Jenny would go to an art school

The second Rufus saw that Jenny was shying away from school to focus on fashion, he would have sent her off to a boarding school to pursue fashion without the distractions and drama.

8. Nate and Serena would have been on the cover of Vogue instead of Gigi and Zayn

For the short period of time when Nate and Serena were together, they would have definitely been Manhattan's "it" couple, complete with a Vogue cover and couple name. Serenate, anyone? 

9. Rufus's band would do a revival tour and people would actually go

The '90s are back and that means so is Lincoln Hawk! 

10. Chuck would be the star of the "Rich Kids of New York" Instagram account

While he may not be a kid anymore, he certainly was a crazy one. 

And last but not least…

11. It wouldn't have taken Vanessa and Dan so long to get together because they would have matched on Tinder as soon as they were both single

Ah, true love at last.

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