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21 'Gossip Girl' Style Moments We'll NEVER Forget


The hookups. The on-again, off-again friendships. The excess of money, power and success that could be achieved even after dropping out of college. There are a lot of things we still remember about Gossip Girl, but the one thing we’ll never forget—the fashion! For six seasons, the show’s stars wore ensembles we could only dream of. Now, we’re counting down, in no particular order, our 21 favorite style moments.

1. Every. Uniform. Ever.

Blair and Serena were masters of the Constance uniform. Each putting their own unique spin on the mandatory dress code, they made us all want to be schoolgirls again.

2. Serena’s debut

Ms. van der Woodsen waltzed right back into life on the Upper East Side with an equestrian-inspired outfit that made her the envy of all the friends she had left behind.

3. Jenny, the early years

Let’s just get this out of the way. We still haven’t forgiven Jenny for doing you know what with you know who. Sure, she was cute during the first few seasons, but once grungy Jenny took over all hope was lost for this would-be fashionista.

4. Vanessa (that one time)

Vanessa’s style was admittedly touch-and-go for the majority of her tenure on GG, but this vibrant maxi really popped and left its mark. 

5. Themes aplenty

The UES partied. A lot. So whenever those shindigs had a theme we were in for a treat. This Prohibition-style extravaganza was one of our absolute favorites for its sparkly, flapper-esque sheaths.

6. Catwalking

One of Jenny’s creations, this dress’s shape and color certainly stood out among Eleanor’s drab collection.

7. Love me?

This outfit is not so much memorable for its chic factor (not that it isn't chic!), but for the scene it comes from. To say we vividly recall Chuck’s declaration of love to Blair is a major understatement, making this look one we’ll always cherish.

8. Working woman

Blair is an inspiration for many reasons, but her office wardrobe is tops for us. Who knew shorts could be workwear? Actually, we did because, you know, Blair did it.

9. Sheer perfection

We have no words.

10. Vacay or bust

Blair’s Season 2 Hamptons getaway did wonders for her wardrobe—and ours! Suddenly her girly style was more relatable than ever and made us want to pack our bags immediately.

11. Pearls and panels and prints, oh my!

On anyone else, this dress could’ve been overkill. Put it on Serena van der Woodsen, and you’ve got a look that’s museum-worthy.

12. White clothing not optional

We didn’t realize how sophisticated a party could be if you demanded your guests go completely monochromatic. A sea of white outfits made this end-of-summer bash a smashing success, though Chuck left a sore loser. (Three words... eight letters...)

13. We’ll always have the Met steps

We have to give major props to costume designer Eric Daman, who always found a way to make Blair and Serena’s looks complimentary. No matter what the two were wearing or what type of bestie battle they were in, we never had to fear a wardrobe clash.

14. Paris is for hats

When Gossip Girl shot a portion of Season 4 in Paris, we were thrilled beyond belief. The stunning backdrops were even remarkably upstaged by the ladies’ unbelievable style shakeups. Serena in a hat? We thought we’d never see the day, but man was the wait worth it.

15. What to wear to a wedding

There were perhaps too many weddings to count during GG’s run, but no wedding look can match Blair’s pink floral masterpiece. Consider us prepared to dress without worry for all our friends’ upcoming big days.

16. Cutouts galore

Serena was the queen of cutouts, and she totally pulled them off. Especially this one, which she wore to a Sotheby’s auction. It’s not exactly what we thought one might don to attend an auction, but what do we know about fancy rich people functions?

17. Coming out at Cotillion

Season 1’s Cotillion episode gave us two of the most iconic Serena and Blair fashion moments we would ever see on the show. Now what kind of party do we have to go to if we want to dress like this?

18. Serena takes Cali

Remember when Serena moved to California to become a big time movie something or other? If anything, we loved her take on the Cali-girl look.

19. Red all over

No one has ever looked more beautiful than Blair Waldorf did in this moment. Let’s not forget that this dress provided this incomparable visual as well.

20. Wedding belle

This slightly overwhelming Georges Chakra dress wasn’t exactly what we envisioned Serena getting married in... but really, if anybody was going to wear a gilded wedding dress, it would be Serena, wouldn't it?

21. Mrs. Chuck Bass

Blair’s first wedding didn’t quite end up the way she thought it would, but her do-over with Chuck allowed her to skip the traditional white gown for this gorgeous beaded confection. We’ll just be over here drooling now, okay?

Which of these style moments was your favorite, collegiettes? And which did we forget to include? 

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