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17 Signs You're the Blair Waldorf of Your Friend Group


Being the Blair Waldorf of your friend group can either sound like a bad thing or the greatest honor of your life. Because let's face it, she's the heart of Gossip Girl. She caused the most drama, solved the most drama and best of all, got Chuck Bass in the end. What makes you the Blair of your friend group? These 17 reasons should make it quite clear!

1. No one would really use the words "kind" or "nice" to describe you.

2. You know that sometimes all you need is a good drink.

3. You don't talk behind people's backs because you say whatever you want to their face. 

4. People usually know better than to mess with you. 

5. You don't play into the games guys can play. 

6. Your friends look to you for fashion advice

7. You accomplish the goals you set for yourself. 

8. You don't let emotions control you. 

9. You know what you deserve. 

10. You have extreme confidence in yourself. 

11. You're always loyal.

12. You understand that sometimes white lies aren't a bad thing. 

13. You're a natural born leader. 

14. You would die for your own Dorota. 

15. People can be intimidated by you just from "that look" you have. 

And maybe you're a little scary, too.

16. Shopping fixes (almost) all of your problems.

17. You fall head over heels when you hear those three words... 

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