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15 'Gossip Girl' Looks To Inspire Your Fall Style


We can always trust the ladies of the UES to bring life back into our wardrobes when we’re in a rut. And with a change of season right around the corner, why not let Blair, Serena and the rest of the gang inspire our fall style with these 15 looks?

1. Summer lovin’

If you’re not ready to ditch your brightly printed sundresses just yet, a lightweight coat can accent your summer sheaths quite nicely.

2. Sweater weather

Keep your fuzzy knits in storage. Breathable sweaters and flippy minis are the way to go instead.

3. All about autumn

All our fall wardrobe must-haves—an olive green jacket, riding boots, scarves galore… the list goes on—are rolled into this one ensemble. Would Queen B let it slide if we chose to swap those black pants out for a stretchy pair of leggings? Probably not, but we’ve got to take advantage of this college excuse as long as we can.

4. Trench please

We never much cared for Sage, but that trench coat is a whole other story. Three words. Eight letters. We’re yours.

5. A matchy-matchy masterpiece

Sometimes all you need is a simple yet show-stopping dress. Blair’s monochromatic palette gives this look an infusion of sophistication that’s easy to replicate.

6. Spotted: the blazer of our dreams

No fall wardrobe is complete without a killer blazer. Serena had some trouble holding down a job, but this internship-ready outfit is on point.

7. All the leather

Vanessa’s inclination for earth tones should make her an expert at this whole dressing for fall thing. We applaud her leather leggings, booties, and tunic combo, but V will forever remain on our GG blacklist. Sorry, not sorry.

8. Tights are not pants…

...but they work awfully well when you’re trying to cover up your legs while wearing a cute tweed skirt.

9. Smooth transition

In a move smarter than marrying Gossip Girl himself, S pairs high-waisted pastel pants with a barely-there tank. We xoxo it, too!

10. Tee-rific

Forget Little J’s spiral for a moment and appreciate her layering genius. Excuse us as we try to figure out how to pull this off as effortlessly as the former Brooklyn babe.

11. You know you love sleeves

Individuals with information as to how we can locate a cape as mind-blowingly chic as Serena’s should contact us immediately.

12. Denim does exist

We really heart denim, but jeans are few and far between on the Upper East Side. Leave it to wild child SVDW to mix things up and trigger major outfit envy.

13. Best dressed

When you’re searching for new fall finds, a few can’t-live-without-‘em dresses become inevitable buys. If sleeveless sheaths with short hemlines are not realistic for your climate, try topping them with a cardigan or jacket like B’s. We may have solved that problem, but the money you spent shopping is definitely still gone.

14. The short of it

Current mood: wondering why we didn’t think of pairing shorts with thick tights and a structured blazer before. We're obsessed with this entire menswear-inspired look!

15. Winter is coming

Well, all else has failed and it’s cold enough to break out your coat. Though that beanie is not exactly for warmth’s sake and pants would probably be useful right about now, we refuse to succumb to winter until we absolutely have to.

Which of these looks inspires your fall style, collegiettes?

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