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This 'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Theory About Alison's Disappearance Makes SO Much Sense


If you’ve never fully bought the story about why Alison DiLaurentis disappeared for two years without warning—supposedly, because she was on the run after being threatened and blackmailed into silence by an anonymous “A”—then you’ll probably like this fan theory. According to Cosmopolitan, a previously debunked PLL theory has come back to life: one that suggests Ali was in hiding for so long because she was actually pregnant!

Wait, there’s more.

Ali’s alleged baby daddy is none other than former Rosewood villain, Detective Darren Wilden (say it with us, “ewwww!”). It makes sense since we already know that both he and Ezra were in Cape May when Ali and her family vacationed there, but Ezra has always maintained that he and Ali didn’t have a sexual relationship. Ali herself may have let the secret slip when she wrote in her diary that she was "late" and that she was worried about “Beach Hottie” finding out.

Fast forward about seven or eight years, Ali was being haunted by the ghost of the supposed father of her child. And just who do we think that child is? Eliza, the Amish girl who just happens to be in love with her “Alison” doll.

The theory goes deep into the archives, explaining that “Eliza” was the name of an Audrey Hepburn character in the '60s—which is mind-blowing if you remember that Ali, aka Holly Golightly, was a huge Audrey fan.

Still, some PLL fans are convinced that Eliza might be a ghost, hinting that the show’s Ravenswood ties were never completely severed. 

With the show coming to an end (finally!) in April of next year, we’re going crazy trying to uncover every last secret the dark, torturous small town of Rosewood has been keeping from us for the last six years. No theory is too absurd!

Read the entire fan theory below. 


Amazing post by @meganachambers that goes perfectly with my theory that Eliza is Alison and Wilden's daughter. Definitely a must read!! 〰 Summer 2009 - The Dilaurentis family, including Charlotte, take a trip to Cape May. There Ali, Charlotte, Wilden and Melissa meet up amongst other people. The four have a relatively good summer and whilst there Ali and Wilden form a sexual relationship. Nearing the end of summer, Alison misses her period and assumes the worst, she tells Charlotte that she thinks she's pregnant and that she can't tell the father because he will kill her. Charlotte tries to explain to Wilden what has happened with Alison and attempts to get some money from him for Alison to get an abortion, he professes that he doesn't have the money for that. Alison then decides she will use her manipulative ways to gather money and disappear until after she has had and given the baby up for adoption, all whilst Wilden has no idea. She finds out that Wilden knows about the pregnancy and is scared of him, but doesn't point the finger at Charlotte as she trusts her, and instead points the finger at 'A'. This was why Alison was so desperate to work out who 'A' was, because she thought they knew her secret. Alison stole the NAT tapes and proceeded to see what exactly was on them, she found a tape of Jenna and Garrett together. She blackmailed Garrett into helping her fake her death so that she could stay gone until after she had the baby, hence why Garrett pretended to hit Ali with the hockey stick and had Jenna there as a witness. Alison told him she would expose his relationship with Jenna should he tell anybody about her pregnancy and their deal. After this, Garrett goes up to meet with Melissa and Ian, this is the scene we saw on tape, but what wasn't on tape was Garrett telling Melissa Alison's plan. MORE IN COMMENTS! #longlivewildenclues #longlivealisonclues #longliveelizaclues

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