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Taylor Swift's Old Myspace Photos Are All of Us in High School


You know that feeling when you scroll a little too far down your Instagram feed and cringe at the photos you took years ago? We think that Taylor Swift can probably relate to that with the release of her very, ahem, basic Myspace photos taken all the way back in 2006.

All of these photos were take pre-superstar status, and you’ll be happy to know that, yes, T Swift went through all the awkard stages that you did. It's a nice little reminder that no matter how famous you get, a picture is forever—and there was actually a time when mirror selfies were taken with a real camera. 

So, here is a very young Taylor Swift in all her early 2000s glory:

The “I’m experimenting with filters" stage

The “ride or die” BFF stage

The Pre-iphone era

The punk rock-avoid-my-responsibilites stage that was most likely accompanied by trips to Hot Topic

The bug-eyed sunglasses everyone thought looked so great but no one could pull off

The late night fro-yo runs… ok actually this still happens

The school dance photos that everyone's mom loves to take

The toes in the sand pic

still working on the photo editing...

The resurfacing of these pics just might be something out of Swift's "Wildest Dream," but at least it makes us feel a little better about our own #TBTs.

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