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11 Reasons Your High School BFF is Your Best BFF


Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, but the other has enough dirt on you that they could incriminate you in a court of law...or something like that, right? There’s a reason your high school best friend has turned into your forever friend, and it’s not just that they’ve seen it all. 

1. She’s been with you through all of the bad decisions you’ve made when you were ~*young and stupid*~ 

And she still loves you. 

2. And for every fashion trend you’ve plowed your way through. 

And no one should have to live through again. (Shout out to JT and that turtleneck, though.) 

3. Your awkward stages weren’t awkward enough to scare her away.

But they were just awkward enough that she can joke about them.

4. Your sleepovers are perfectly crafted works of art. 

Rivaling any cheesy teen movie anyone has ever seen. 

5. She knows all of your secrets. Like the time you snuck out past curfew to see that boy.  

Hell, she probably helped you pull it off. 

6. And was fiercely loyal through all of the high school drama. 

If you hated someone, she hated them, too. 

7. She’s spent hours listening to angsty teen bands with you when you broke up with your boyfriend. 

Ashlee Simpson, anyone? 

8. Because how many days in a row can someone eat dinner at your house before your parents joke about adopting them?

You were part of her family, and she was a part of yours. 

9. You’ve gotten in a good bit of trouble together... 

What’s friendship if not a detention shared between friends? 

10. Because she was by your side for all of the “When I was in high school” stories you’re still telling your friends. 

You might want to stop telling “When I was in high school” stories, though...

11. Going to college didn’t change a thing for you two. 

Unless you count the 2,000 additional Skype sessions you’ve added to your friendship.

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