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The 17 Stages of Dating in College, As Told by Lauren Conrad


Dating is a huge part of college life, but it’s not always pretty. If there’s anyone who knows heartbreak, it’s our forever role model, Lauren Conrad. Not only can we come to her for fashion and career advice, but she’s weathered her fair share of lousy fellas. Therefore, this makes her the perfect gal to guide us through the college dating world.

1. You tell all your friends you love being single. No restrictions, no one to answer to and the chance to date any guy you want. But really, you’re like…

2. So when you spot a cutie in your 8 a.m. class, you couldn’t be happier.

3. You proceed to stalk him on Facebook, Instagram and sadly, even LinkedIn.

4. You’re too nervous to ask him out, so you awkwardly stare at him hoping he’ll read your mind and sense your devotion towards him.

5. And then it happens. You start hanging out, and you can't believe how perfect you are for each other.

6. Until one day, he does something that changes your opinion of him forever.

7. But you decide that you can change him.

8. You start to read into every little thing he says and does.

9. But his mixed messages turn out to be overwhelmingly negative. Like so negative that you think he may not even be interested.

10. You try to spin the situation to make it seem positive. Maybe he’s just shy or embarrassed or doesn’t mean what he says.

11. You don’t know how to explain it, but it’s just not working anymore.

12. It’s best for both of you if you part ways.

13. And you’re totally fine with that…

14. Until he says he still wants to be friends.

15. So you’re pretty clear that you want nothing to do with him anymore.

16. And once he finally gets the message, all you want to do is forget about guys forever.

17. Until the next one comes along.

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