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5 Reasons Why Your Boobs Hurt


Just like Karen in Mean Girls used her boobs to predict when it was already raining, yours can let you know what’s going on with your body. Whether your girls are alerting you about your period or hormones being on the fritz, it’s important to pay attention to when your boobs are bothering you. It could even be something you need to see your doctor about! Read on for more about different types of pain, varying from tightness to aching.

1. Your bra doesn’t fit

Bra shopping is, arguably, the worst. With so many different brands and types, it can hard to figure out what bra is right for you. If you have a bigger chest, you could be feeling soreness in your boobs, your back and shoulders from improper bra support -- especially when exercising.

Christina Degraffenreid, a Victoria’s Secret Sales Associate in New Jersey, says 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, “In general when wearing a bra, the band on the back should lay even to the lower bust of your bra,” she says. “The adjusters should lay at the crease of your armpit, and the bra should be worn on the last clip/clasp until the bra actually stretches out.”

Sometimes, your bra can cause pain even if it is the right size. With all of the different styles and support, your boobs need a break. Francesca Furey, a freshman at Temple University says, “If I don’t let my boobs hang loose, they start to hurt.” If going braless in public isn’t your style, try taking it off when you get home or trying a lighter bra like a bralette to let your boobs sit naturally.

2. Your birth control is causing a hormone overload

Breast pain is often associated with your period because there are more hormones circulating your body than usual. The same goes for birth control because your body is receiving a small dose of hormones. Depending on your hormone levels at the time, one dose of birth control can cause your body to react. Dr. Majorie Dejoie says, “The slightest shift in estrogen during ones cycle can result in significant swelling and discomfort.” Simply taking an Advil or putting heat on your breasts can help with any pain you may be feeling during this time.

Juliana Collins, a senior at Temple University says, “When I switched birth controls, my boobs were so tender. I would have to lay down and put a heating pad on, but as my body got used to the new pills, I noticed the pain only happened around the time of my period.” If you notice your boobs are constantly tender and hurting you, consult with your doctor to see if the birth control is the culprit.

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3. You’re going too hard at Starbucks

We all need that caffeine kick to get us through our busy schedules, but caffeine is just like everything else -- it’s only good in moderation! “Drinking too much caffeine makes my boobs hurt! It happens to me all of the time,” says Alexa Zizzi, a junior at Temple University. If you know you’re consuming a lot of caffeine, considering limiting it to one cup of coffee or caffeinated beverage per day and see if your boobs are still tender or sore. It could save you a trip to the doctor and some cash along the way.

Dr. Cynthia Miller says, “Physicians have that over time, that [caffeine] contributes to fibrocystic breast disease and pain.” Who knows? Maybe you’ll find out you’re still a superhero with out your daily five cups of joe!

4. You pulled a muscle

Maybe you got too ambitious at your strength training class or perhaps you forgot to stretch, but your boob pain could actually be from pulling a muscle. If you’re experiencing tightness on one side of your chest, or your range of motion isn’t as wide, all signs point towards a pulled pectoral muscle.

Megan Nino, a personal trainer at Philadelphia’s 12th Gym says, “Your pectoral muscles are located on your chest under your breasts. If you do feel any pain in your breasts or chest after a workout, it would be best to consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis.” For those of you who have a bigger bust or have experienced breast pain from working out, Megan has the perfect (supportive) solution for you. “If your breasts hurt while working out, sometimes using a regular bra and putting a sports bra over can help,” she says.

5. It’s your period

As if the cramps, tampons and headaches weren’t enough, your period can also cause pain in your boobs. From tenderness to soreness, your period has an effect on your boobs and it can simply be a reminder that your period is on its way or is already here.

The breast pain you experience during your period is cyclic pain, meaning it happens at the same time every month. Dr. Miller says, “Cyclical breast pain is not usually caused by breast cancer or other serious breast problems.” While soreness or tenderness in your boobs can be expected every month, it’s still no fun. Instead of toughing it out, focusing on reducing the pain for yourself!

Megan says, “Electrolytes and foods with anti-inflammatory properties can be very beneficial for cramping and pain.” If you want an easier period, try leafy greens, veggies, blueberries, turmeric and coconut water, suggests Megan. You may want to binge on Sour Patch Kids and Cheetos, but trading in the junk food for a salad or a smoothie is what the doctor and your body ordered. 


As is the case with any other health issue, it’s always best to consult your doctor if you're having constant pain! Dr. Dejoie says any symptom that seems out of the ordinary, probably is, and you should get it checked out. “If the quality of the pain is sudden and sharp, if the pain doesn't respond to any treatment they try such as anti inflammatory or warm compress, or stretch massage, if you notice bruising, skin color change, difference in size of the breasts and if the breast are producing any atypical fluids (blood, milk/lactation without being pregnant, puss),” says Dr. Dejoie. It’s important to always listen to the signals your body is giving you because the earlier you act on pains or aches, the easier it will be to recover.

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