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9 Gifts Your Best Friend Wants For Her 21st Birthday


It's your bestie's 21st birthday, and you are ready to go all out! But you want to make sure you have the perfect gift for her, so obviously you're going to make something FAB. Even though it's her 21st, it doesn't all have to be about alcohol—you can make any of these presents for her. Get ready to have a good time! 

1. Pineapple Wine Bottle 

How cute is this wine-apple? This tutorial says to use an empty wine bottle, but c'mon, we want our chocolate and our wine. 

2. Taco Pillow

Turn your favorite snack into a cute lil pillow to be your bestie's study buddy. 

3. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are all the rage right now, and these cuties are the perfect way to help your best friend turn her getup into a crazy cool party outfit! 

4. Everything in a Jar

You can make this refreshment in a jar, a spa kit in a jar or energy in a jar. You've got lots of options, all of which are sure to keep your bestie on her toes. 

5. Bottle Cap Picture Frame

Put a picture of you and your best friend in this cute frame. If your bestie is a wino, you could use wine corks instead of bottle caps! 

6. Mason Jar Cocktails

This cup is reusable, and this gift is adorable. Plus, mini bottles of alcohol—that's cute. 

7. Glitter Serving Tray

This tray can serve as your dorm mini-bar from now on. And if that isn't your style, fill it with goodies—like that mason jar cocktail, some notepads and candy—and then wrap the whole thing in cellophane and tie it with a pretty bow. 

8. Champagne Donuts

These little donut holes are too cute, and champagne is the way to celebrate! (Also, these candles are what dreams are made of.)

9. Giant Number Photo Props

Cover these numbers in all your fave memories of your best friend and use them as props at her party. She can even keep them as a sweet memory. 

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