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7 Reasons Ashley Iaconetti Deserves to Be the Next Bachelorette


Oh, Bachelor in Paradise, you have done it again. After another emotionally exhausting night of watching Grant and Lace fight, Nick grunt at Josh, and Evan being Evan, we are finally down to the last episode. But much to our surprise, our favorite BIP lady, Ashley Iaconetti, won't be in the finale because—SPOILER—she went home after getting dumped by Wells. Although her tears were a bit much at times, we were all rooting for her to find her true love. She has been through so much! Regardless of what your personal beliefs are about Ashley, here are seven reasons why she absolutely NEEDS to be the next Bachelorette. 

1. She deserves love

After two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise and an attempt at finding love on The Bachelor, it is damn time that she gets a real shot at it—without having to compete for it. She is kind, loving and so emotional that we can honestly say there is no one who deserves to be the next Bachelorette more than Ashley. 

2. She is realer than real

Throughout everything that happened with Jared and Caila, Ashley was always honest about how she felt. This means that if there is a guy she is not vibing with on the show, she will not be shy about telling him the truth and giving him the boot. She's not there to play the game—she just wants love. 

3. She is entertaining AF

Although it's not very nice to get enjoyment out of watching someone cry, we can't help but love it when the tears start rolling for Ashley. She is the epitome of a real woman who has emotions and isn't afraid to show them, and we love it! She may not like it, but she really does make great TV. 

4. She has great taste in men

Just look at that. Girl, yes please. Just imagine it: a whole season full of tall, dark and handsome eligible bachelors dating our favorite Disney princess. SO MANY SEXY POOL PARTIES. 

5. She's a virgin

Tbh, there has never been a virgin Bachelorette, and we desperately need that. 

6. She is goals

Okay, this is something that literally everyone can agree with. Whether it's a killer red lip or a smoking hot high-waisted bikini, Ashley has style. The whole season would be jam-packed with Pinterest-worthy outfits, and that is something that no one should be deprived of. 

7. She drives you crazy, but you love her anyway

Ashley is definitely a character that you love to hate at times. No matter how "annoying" people may call her, she is still flawless, and we all know we would be bored if she wasn't there. If she had a show that was JUST about her, it would probably be the best thing in the world, and the ratings would be top-notch. 

So basically, Ashley just really needs to be the next Bachelorette because it is about damn time. Let's get this girl a husband! 

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