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16 Things Only People With Overprotective Parents Understand


Having overprotective parents can be a bit of a struggle. You know they mean well, but most of the time (a lot of the time) their overall good intentions can lead to some frustrating, hair-pulling and sometimes just hilariously ridiculous situations. Here are 16 things people with overprotective parents can 100 percent relate to. 

1. Your parents need to know what your plans are every day…at all times

2. Which means they make you call or text them the second you get to your destination 

3. Growing up you knew that curfew was never to be challenged 

4. Planning a play date as a kid was more trouble than it was worth 

5. You were a seasoned pro when it came to being sneaky, sly and just devious in general

6. But just when you thought you were being ~bad~ they somehow managed to discover your whereabouts

7. And then you realized it was because of this 

8. If you don't answer your phone, your parents will just assume you're dead 

9. And if you don't answer their texts within one minute? Dead.

10. They will contact you at literally the worst times just to make sure you're alive 

11. They always dreaded the day you would get your driver's license 

12. Every minor cold becomes a dramatic trip to the doctor

13. They refuse to believe you when you say that you're *fine*

14. They still give you ridiculous safety reminders even as an adult 

15. But you know that they just want you to live a long and happy life 

16. No matter the goddamn cost 

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