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5 Fashion Interns on What They Really Wear to Work


Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City once remarked, “I like my money where I can see it... hanging in my closet.” Whether you’re working as a PR, design, marketing, editorial or buying intern, good taste is a must and being able to reflect it in the clothes you wear is pretty much a prerequisite. Unlike Bradshaw, we can’t all afford a pair of Manolos and all-designer everything. However, it is possible to look impeccable without costing an arm and a leg. Take it from these five interns who have their office style down to a science. 

1. The Minimalist

Caroline Pirozzolo, a sophomore at the University of North Carolina, spent her summer working as a womenswear intern for BPCM, a public relations agency that services beauty and fashion brands. A self-professed leather jacket enthusiast, she likes to describe her style as being “minimalist with just a little bit of edge.” In addition to having an affinity for versatile pieces in neutral tones, she also gravitates towards edgy accessories and more often than not can be spotted carrying studded handbags. 

Since the office environment is casual and she spends a lot of time on her feet in her role, comfortable (and chic) sneakers like her Adidas kicks are a clear choice of footwear. When it comes to shopping for work-related looks, she likes to opt for investment pieces that are both polished and easy-to-wear. Light jackets and vests are her closet staples and Caroline’s favorite items include bomber jackets and a flared hem shirtdress

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2. The Creative

Danijela Keko-Aranilla, a sophomore at Ryerson University, is a beauty intern for The Kit, a Canadian beauty and style glossy. In addition to organizing the beauty closet which has every conceivable product you can think of, she also contributes and fact-checks stories. When she isn’t at her desk, she’s on the go in her Stan Smith and Reebok shoes. To summarize her aesthetic, this Torontonian’s wardrobe embodies a diverse range of styles “from eclectic to mod to grunge to modern.”

While she isn’t afraid of taking risks, her office style reflects a toned down version of her bold fashion that’s more apt for a professional setting. For Danijela, wide-legged pants are her go-to. With the cold air conditioning, her “small collection of dusters and kimonos are saviours at the office” and being a sneaker kind of girl, she similarly emphasizes the necessity of comfy shoes. Here, she’s paired wide-leg pants with a black v-neck crop top from Wilfred. To accessorize, she’s wearing a pair of Stan Smith shoes and a suede string choker.  

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3. The Romantic

Jennifer Wang, a junior at the Parsons School of Design and the creative mind behind Sustainable Siren, previously worked for Seventeen magazine as their fashion intern. Her internship style is best described as being “sporty and romantic.” Given her active hands-on responsibilities at the glossy that included picking up samples from PR agencies, the California native adopted a sportier look during her internship. 

When it comes to her preferred footwear for work, she maintains that “sneakers can definitely be dressed up for sporty-chic outfits! Plus, Converse has such an iconic, old school flair to them!” Other pieces the San Francisco Bay style blogger considers to be office staples include her Lovers & Friends Sunkissed dress in white as “it’s dressy while still being breathable, and the backless detail is both fashion forward and practical for those hot days!”

4. The Sophisticate 

Tyler Jackson, a recent graduate from St. John's University, is a fashion intern at StyleWatch magazine. The former Communication Arts and Business student has an affinity for changing up her style. "One day you might find me wearing sneakers and the next I could be wearing heels," she says. Not a stickler for trends, Tyler prefers to add an element of surprise to "keep people guessing, it's more fun that way." Staples that can be found in her closet include a Topshop button-up, American Apparel trousers and heeled sandals.

As is the case with most interns, comfort is the top of mind when it comes to putting together office looks. Since Tyler says she spends most of her day running around from place to place, wearing outfits that allow for her busy work day is vital. A button-up top paired with a flowing skirt and heeled sandal or a t-shirt dress matched with a pair of sneakers are her go-to outfits during the week. 

 5. The Urbanite 

Jo, a senior at Hong Kong Baptist University studying international journalism, currently works at Hypebeast, an e-commerce company featuring a curated selection of the most sought after streetwear, contemporary and high-fashion brands. Since Hypebeast also serves as the premiere online destination for the latest news and stories in art, music, design and lifestyle, it's a given that this Hong Kong native knows more about footwear and fashion than the average person. For this self-professed sneakerhead, Vans Classic Slip-On and Nike Air Max 95 are Jo's go-to shoes for work. When it comes to getting ready in the mornings, she will opt "for an oversized t-shirt and pair of shorts/leggings if I'm running late." In terms of accessories, she says that "chokers and bracelets are always some good add-ons to any casual look." 

Her favorite office ensembles entail mostly black pieces. Above, she says she's wearing "a basic print tee from Stüssy, one of the most respected streetwear brands. The bottom is a pair of skinny ripped jeans from American Eagle Outfitters." To accessorize, Jo selected a pink cap embellished with a dog that was purchased during a trip to Osaka, Japan. Even with the sweltering temperatures outside, the International Journalism student maintains that while "it sounds crazy to wear a souvenir jacket in the hot summer, it can be cold in the office so I always keep a jacket with me."

While Andie from The Devil Wears Prada had access to Runway’s closet and Nigel to correct her clothing mishaps, we're not always quite as lucky. But with a little experimentation, you’re bound to find pieces that suit the office vibe and reflect your aesthetic. After all, like Diane von Furstenberg once said, "Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.” 

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