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Must-Have School Supplies for Every Major


There are some school supplies every collegiette should have—pencils, pens, folders and notebooks, just to name a few! But once you're through with the generics, it's time to focus on major-specific items. Whether you're a math whiz or aspiring artist, we've got the perfect suggestions for tools that will help you succeed this coming semester! Just locate your major's division in our list and get shopping!


Drawers, designers, videographers and future broadway stars—we've got suggestions for every creative type!

Supply Case

Artists have tons of supplies to lug around, from pencils to paint brushes and a whole lot more. Keep them all stored safe and secure in an incredibly posh pouch. But don't settle for just anything—you need a bag that's just as artsy as you are. Lee Coren's line of bags should do the trick—grab this Portofino Pouch in Confetti Blue ($34, leecoren.com).


Fashion designers, your prayers have been answered. These mini sketchpads come with discreet model templates so you can skip the struggle of figure-drawing ($9.95, chroniclebooks.com). Not a fashion major? Artists of all sorts should have sketchpads on hand—just find some that are right for you.

Flash Drives

Digital artists need a place to store their portfolios, and flash drives are the perfect place. Flash drives from Beyond Object's Empty Memory collection double as chic jewelry pendants—perfect for showcasing your unique personality ($66.82, beyond-object.com).


Expert marketers, PR stars and future business leaders of the world—here are some perfectly posh and professional items to keep you classy in the classroom.


Want an edge in the classroom and in the business world as a whole? To be an incredibly successful business student, you need to stay updated on the latest industry news. Get subscribed to journals or magazines that speak about your specific field—The Wall Street Journal is always a good option ($12 for 12 weeks, store.wsj.com).

Professional Pens

While gel pens are our go-to writing utensil when we're craving color in the classroom, they're probably best left in primary school if you're aiming to appear professional! Look the part of businesswoman extraordinaire by swapping in an elegant pen for your notes—both in the classroom and out in the field ($36, Vera Bradley).


Padfolios are just what they sound like—a blend between a notepad and a portfolio. They've got space for note paper and tons of pockets for pens, supplies and all of the business cards you're likely to collect at school networking events! Business professionals adore them, and you should too! Best of all, if you purchase this classy pink style, Rolodex will donate a dollar to breast cancer research ($56.89, Office Depot). 


Linguists and philosophers alike will benefit from these must-haves!

Hole Punch

You're gauranteed to have stacks of notes and handouts in any humanities course. Stay prepared with a hole punch so that all of these valuable resources can stay put in an organized binder! A sleek, white style will match any room decor ($34, rachelgeorge.com). 


Opting for a humanities major means tons of reading. Avoid getting lost in the text (or put to sleep by the dull, tiny words) by investing in some adorable highlighters—you'll remember all the important stuff and can ignore that wordy gibberish ($4.99, yoobi.com). 

Mini Stapler

Those essays and reports aren't going to staple themselves! Find a mini stapler to keep on hand so you never have to be that kid begging for one before class! These flirty patterns are to die for ($13.99, praxxispro.com).


An incredible writer needs incredible tools. Look no further than these!

Reporter Notebook

While your typical notebooks are great for class, make sure you also have a reporter's notebook for all of those interviews you'll be masterfully conducting! This one is so, so chic and comes with a matching pen—how perfect ($16, verabradley.com)!

Voice Recorder

Transcribe those interviews (and lectures, if allowed!) with a handy-dandy recorder. The sleek design of this one is too trendy to pass up ($31.35, alexnld.com).

AP Style Guide

Any journalist needs to follow formatting rules. Keep the full AP Stylebook on hand to ensure you're staying on track—your professors will appreciate it ($20.95, apstylebook.com).

Social Sciences

Psychology, history, political science and education majors will stand out with these stylish and supportive suggestions.

Flash Cards

Social sciences require what seems like endless memorization. Take down those terms like a pro in the prettiest note cards around ($8, verabradley.com).

Sticky Notes

Like your friends in the humanities, you'll have your nose in quite a few textbooks. Keep a tab on what you read with these purr-fect sticky notes ($4.50, muji.us).


Taking notes is a no-brainer, but those bland Five Star notebooks everyone has can't compare to the luxurious pattern of these Agate journals ($12, Urban Outfitters).


If you're an aspiring scientist, mathematician or engineer (or simply technologically advanced) you won't know how you lived without these tech supplies.

Convertible Tablet

Hate taking notes by hand, but hate lugging around a heavy laptop? Convertible tablets were made for you. The Surface 3 can handle all of your complex software and programming needs while remaining compact. The colorful keyboards are sure to stand out in the sea of silver and chrome in your morning lab, and if you ever miss handwritten notes, you can always take them on-screen with a techy tablet pen (Starting at $499, microsoftstore.com).

Graphing Calculator

This tool is vital for making it through the plethora of equations and formulas floating in your textbooks. But believe us when we say that math is far from boring—especially when it involves a popping shade of pink. The TI-84 Plus CE Color Graphing Calculator  never disappoints with it's incredible graphing capabilities and ease of use ($149.99, Office Depot).

Coffee Maker

Those incredibly early lectures and late-night labs will require a consistent helping of caffeine. You'll thank us for suggesting the Keurig Mini, we promise (just look at that gorgeous emerald shade). We apologize for your newfound coffee addiction in advance ($99.99, shoplavazza.com).

With these suggestions, your back-to-school transition is sure to be a breeze, no matter what courses you're enrolled in. Have a great semester, collegiettes! 

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