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9 DIY Dorm Decorations Even Lazy Girls Can Make


College can be so frustrating. Between hard classes, tough professors and unnecessary headaches, students have a lot to deal with. Well, don’t let the look of your room frustrate you. Here are some simple DIYs that even the laziest of girls can make.

1. Wall Art Decor

This DIY is super easy and will add spunk to any dorm room.

2. Dry Erase Board

Simple, cute and the perfect way to keep yourself in order throughout the school year.

3. Flower Letters

Pick colors that will tie your room together.

4. Ice Dye Tapestry

Now you don’t have to spend $50 on a tapestry. 

5. Memory Board

Every dorm room is covered in pictures of friends, family and maybe (mostly) pets. So spice up the way you show off your pictures with a DIY memory board.

6. Ping Pong Ball Lights

These lights are incredibly easy to make—even laziness can't stop you.

7. Money Saver Jar

Being in college and being broke go hand-in-hand. Manage your money and save it up in this adorable money jar.

8. Upcycled Tin Cans

Upcycle old tin cans and turn them into a chic pencil holder or makeup brush holder.

9. Charging Cell Phone Holder

Dorm rooms are small enough. We don’t need to worry about charger chords all over the place, cramping our cute dorm room. This DIY will fix that problem.

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