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61 Times You Literally Could Not EVEN With the 'Pretty Little Liars' Finale


No amount of theorizing, spoiler-avoiding or alcohol could have prepared us for the Pretty Little Liars summer finale. There were shocks at every twist and turn. To be honest, we are still processing it all. Below are 61 times we literally could not even with this episode.

  1. When the Liars called the police to report Hanna missing
  2. When Hanna tied Noel up and tried to make him confess
  3. When she looked at her reflection in that knife like a total badass
  4. When Noel wouldn’t wake up to answer Hanna’s questions
  5. So she cut him in the leg to take a sample of his blood
  6. When Toby quit the police force
  7. Every time Mona and Caleb worked together
  8. When Spencer kissed Detective Fury on the cheek in the middle of her living room in front of everyone
  9. When Hanna had Noel’s blood tested to see if he’s Mary’s kid
  10. When Aria FaceTimed Ezra and you thought everything was going to be okay
  11. When Hanna called Mona for help
  12. When Hanna wasn’t satisfied with busting Noel for the dollhouse
  13. When seeing Paige disgusted Ali
  14. When Hanna practiced her lie even though she’s a pro
  15. When Hanna and Caleb saw each other and it was straight FIRE
  16. When Jenna applied her lipstick so flawlessly that you forgot she’s blind
  17. When Mona tried to bargain with Jenna
  18. When Caleb admitted how much Hanna annoys him
  19. And said they’re meant to spend the rest. of. their. lives. together!
  20. And then they kissed and all was right with the world again
  21. When you were all, “#HalebForever”
  22. When Ali confessed that she’s PREGNANT
  23. And it is Elliott’s
  24. And Emily comforted her
  25. And they kissed
  26. And you realized Emison ~is~ endgame
  27. When Fury brought Spencer food and for a second you questioned Spoby bc FOOD
  28. When Hanna and Caleb’s thirst for each other was finally quenched
  29. And it was the hottest hookup this show has ever seen!
  30. When Aria saw Nicole and Ezra embracing on TV and that’s how she found out Nicole is alive
  31. EVEN. THOUGH. Ezra swore she was dead
  32. When Spencer went to tell Toby goodbye
  33. And she asked if she could kiss him one last time
  34. And you were like, “YES! YES! YES!”
  35. And they kissed and your heart melted but also you cried big crocodile tears
  36. When the lab told Hanna that Noel Kahn is not Mary’s son
  37. And Hanna’s whole theory was ruined
  38. When the Liars went back to get Noel and he was gone
  39. And he led them right into the #PLLDeathTrap
  40. When Caleb and Mona fixed each other’s coffee bc stakeout buddies KNOW those things about each other
  41. When Toby tried to text Spencer before he left but he just couldn’t
  42. When the Liars willingly went to the site of the death trap
  43. When they just had to go investigate and got trapped inside
  46. When Noel was threatening Hanna and Emily
  47. And Jenna (who, mind you, is BLIND) started waving a gun around
  48. When Hanna and Emily CUT FREAKING NOEL KAHN’S HEAD OFF
  49. And Jenna casually stepped on it!
  50. And you were like, “How does Ali not have morning sickness right now?!”
  51. When Jenna (or A.D.?) SHOT SPENCER!!!!!!!
  52. And Mary Drake
  53. (Who is SPENCER’S MOTHER!!!)
  54. Knocked the gun out of Jenna’s hand
  55. When A.D. dragged Jenna off to safety
  56. When Spencer’s eyes rolled back in her head
  57. And you thought she might ACTUALLY. BE. DEAD.
  58. And just when you thought the horror of this episode couldn’t get any worse
  59. You saw Toby (and Yvonne, who you not-so-secretly hope *is* dead) was in a car wreck
  60. And MIGHT. BE. DEAD. TOO.
  61. And you realized you have to wait until APRIL to see what happens!

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