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11 Signs You're Way Too Obsessed with the Pretty Little Liars' Love Lives


Pretty Little Liars just wouldn't be the same without all of the relationship drama the girls constantly find themselves in. Whether you're a fan of Emily and Paige, have a ~weird~ ship like Hanna and Mike or love one of the classic couples like Aria and Ezra, you're borderline obsessed. Don't think so? We can prove it, with these warning signs: 

1. You frequently search hashtags of your couple's name

2. You even have merchandise with said hashtag…

3. You actively root for the girls' relationships more than your own

4. Regardless of which side you're on, you have very strong feelings about Caleb and Spencer

5. You hate the PLL writers for always screwing Emily over

6. You were in complete agony when Ezra and Toby were suspected to be A

7. You actively hate any other girls who are involved with the Liars' boys

8. Nobody understands how badly you want your ships to be (and stay!) together

9. You even want the actors to date IRL

10. Your stress levels are the highest every Tuesday night


11. But it's so worth it

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