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9 Animals That are Ready to Go Back to School


You were waiting all semester for summer break, but now that you have the summer bug out of your system, you kinda miss being at school (never thought you’d say those words, right?). Maybe you want to be surrounded by friends again, or maybe you are secretly excited to take that one class outside of your major. Whatever your reason for wanting to return to campus, these studious and social animals can totally relate. Try and live vicariously through them until the end of summer when you can finally go back to your home away from home!

1. Fred is entering his senior year, so the faster classes start, the faster he gets to graduate!

2. Sometimes, Winston misses “sleepless” study nights at the library (books make pretty good pillows when you’ve been studying American History for eight hours).

3. Evan is an art major, so he wanted to *brush* up on his skills over summer… too bad most of his supplies were in campus storage!

4. Otto has been the captain of his intramural water basketball team since his sophomore year!

5. Hayden made a goal this summer to work on his social skills before first day of classes. He now also has to make a goal to hit the gym.

6. As the fundraising chair for her sorority, Jessica is excited to propose some new ideas, like a car wash (trunks are cleaned for free!).

7. Did someone say frat party? Christian is in charge of deciding the themes for his fraternity's ragers (and somehow incorporates popped collars into all of them).

8. Sasha has a love/hate relationship with programming (she's currently working on a code from last semester, or trying to).

9. Stacey can't wait to kickstart the campus fashion magazine (she was voted best dressed last year!).

What are you most excited for this school year? Tell us in the comments below!

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