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10 Emotions You Have When Fall Semester Starts But You're Not in College Anymore


After you graduate college, summer is the time to relax and ease your way into the transition towards "adulting." However, with the fall semester upon us and those feelings of nostalgia becoming increasingly overwhelming, it may feel odd to no longer be going back to school. Here is the typical roller coaster of emotions that recent grads experience when school is back in session but you're no longer there.

1. Denial

Wait, tomorrow is move-in day? Can't be. Shouldn't I be shopping for dorm and school supplies right now?

2. Sadness

They say college is the best four years of your life…what if they were right?

3. Confusion

Because your best friends are no longer in close proximity, and suddenly you're not surrounded by people your age at all times. 

4. Paranoia

Did I miss rush week? Did I forget to sign up for classes this semester? Did I actually graduate?

5. Contentment

You might be missing school, but not the school part. No more all-nighters! NO MORE FINALS!

6. Anger

Then realizing that you have to work for the rest of your life to pay off student loans…

7. Envy

Because you no longer get to watch football games in the student section or get college discounts. Being an alum is hard.

8. Fear

Finding it hard to navigate the real world? Don't have a job yet? Wishing you were in the comfortable walls of college? We feel you.

9. Shock

As you look at pictures of current students on social media, you suddenly feel so much older than them, yet you're only a year or two apart. How is this possible? Why are they so short?

10. Pride

It's FINALLY sunk in that you're a college grad. Nothing can stop you. Now go out there and crush it.

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