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7 DIY Gifts for the Virgo Girl


If you’ve got a Virgo friend, she’s probably always had your back. She’s the friend that’s almost too organized and feels comfortable sticking to routines, but she’s always ready to listen to your problems and lend her support. Sure, she can be nitpicky sometimes, but it’s her attention to detail and caregiving personality that make her such a valuable friend. This year for her birthday, make your Virgo friend feel special with a practical and thoughtful homemade gift that’s just as unique as her. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. And remember—it’s the little details that will go a long way.  

1. T-shirt Quilt

If you and your Virgo buddy went to a lot of summer camps growing up or are involved in lots of extracurricular activities now, you’ve probably got more T-shirts than you can count. Give her a nostalgic gift by stitching these treasured mementos into a quilt that she’ll appreciate when winter rolls around.

2. Tea Wreath

Help your Virgo friend start or end her day right with this adorable tea wreath. Use clothespins and a cardboard base to create a sunny design that also organizes her favorite breakfast and sleepy-time teas. If she’s not a tea lover, try replacing tea bags with hot chocolate packets or chewy granola bars for a sweet treat.

3. Instagram Calendar

This year, instead of putting together yet another friendship scrapbook, pick out 12 of her favorite Instagram photos to turn into a mini calendar. Choose from pictures of you guys goofing around and snapshots of her pet to create a customized calendar she’ll use every day.

4. Terrarium

Some Virgos are known for their earthy interests, and if your friend is one of them, she’ll love looking after her own terrarium. Go shopping with her to pick out the plants and debris she wants and then work together to design a little green space to brighten her room.

5. Lap Desk

For the hardworking Virgo gal in your life, you can’t go wrong with this surprisingly easy-to-make lap desk. With this tutorial, all of the materials can be purchased for under $10, and the final lap desk can be finished in an afternoon. Go the extra mile and stencil her initials onto the wooden top for a practical and elegant finish.    

6. Spa in a Jar

Make your Virgo friend feel appreciated by putting together this "spa in a jar" for hectic days. Show her how well you know her by picking out her favorite scented soaps, nail polishes, candy bars and more at your local Walmart or Target. If your Virgo friend has got a good sense of humor, you can also create a very useful hangover kit with the same design but swap out beauty products for things like pain relievers, breath mints, sunglasses or even Bloody Mary ingredients.   

7. Jewelry Picture Frame

This classy jewelry organizer doubles as an art piece for your Virgo friend’s spotless bedroom. First, spray paint cheap plastic picture frames silver or gold. Then, stencil an image onto a piece of burlap and glue it onto a slab of corkboard to fit into the frame. The burlap will work perfectly to keep her collection of earrings all in one place.

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