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16 Reasons Having a Lame Social Life is Actually the Best


Maybe you think your social life is boring compared to everyone else's because you're not drinking Thursday through Sunday every week or out partying at the club. But the truth? Having a so-called "boring" social life is sometimes actually the best.

1. You never have to wake up with a hangover

If you don't overdo it, then there's nothing to fear in the morning.

2. Low-key drinking > crazy nights out

Literally nothing is better than Netflix and wine with your besties, obviously.

3. Sitting at home with your cat is the best

Nobody else will sit through hours of Gossip Girl reruns with you. 

5. You know who your friends are

Best part about not partying with a different crowd every week? You know who your true friends are, and you've got each others' backs.

6. You can actually wake up before 3 p.m. on Saturdays

And you can use that extra time to go the gym, do an art project or get a head start on your final project!

7. You have plenty of "me" time

And nobody is better company, right?

8. Your sleep schedule ROCKS

It's a wonder what not staying out drinking until 5 a.m. can do for you.

9. You're saving a ton of money

You never wake up in the morning, check your bank statement and then cry yourself back into a nap. Because you know what you spend, and you aren't constantly out at bars and restaurants draining the bank. 

10. Your friends look to you for go-to shows, books and movies

While they were out dancing, you were reading five books and finishing several TV series. You know what's good, what sucks and what's in-between, so you're like the media and pop culture guru.

11. You can laugh at your friends' stories without horror flashbacks

Listening to them talk about how Jon threw up in not one, but TWO bathrooms is hilarious, but you didn't have to actually see it!

12. You don't overdo it with any particular alcohol

Unlike your friends, you don't need to religiously avoid Jose Cuervo or Captain Morgan, because you don't drink enough to be scarred by a particular brand.

13. You never have to procrastinate

Boring social life? More like you've got more time to do final projects ahead of time and to actually proofread your essays instead of just saying you did. 

14. You can see it all on social media anyway

With Snapchat, you don't even need to attend a party/concert/outing in order to feel like you're there.

15. Extroverted? Introverted? Who cares?

You can be the outgoing introvert you're meant to be because you're not constantly tired from all the party drama. When you're ready to chill, your core group of friends is ready to have a boring-but-fun day with you.

16. You're livin' the Gilmore Girls lifestyle

Night in, watching movies and eating Chinese food with your mom? Sounds like another Friday night. 

Maybe other people think the 154th Snapchat of you in your PJs at 10 p.m. on a Saturday drinking champagne, watching The Vampire Diaries and hanging with your cat sounds boring, but to you, that's an ideal night. So let them have their fun because deep down, you know your "boring" social life is actually the best.

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