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14 Things You Look Like the First Time You Have Sex


Every collegiette is probably in agreement that the first time you had sex, it was anything but glamourous. The event just did not play out the way you imagined it would and was certainly awkward for both parties involved. Whether you're looking to reminisce (or looking to forget the experience altogether), read below for some realistic examples of what you definitely looked like during your first time.

1. These horny fruits

There was nothing like that torturous, tense build-up. 

2. This square peg trying to fit into a round hole

Some things just won't work no matter how bad you want them to. 

3. A deer in the headlights

*Screams internally* Holy shit, I didn't think we'd get this far. What the fuck do I do now?

4. A seductive radish

Before the act, you know you attempted to look like an absolute goddess as you waited for bae. 

5. This starfish

"Lay it on me, baby!"

6. These freaky trees

Yup, definitely doesn't look or feel natural.

7. This frightened creature


8. Probably as confused as this sign

Hm. Not sure if this is right but we're going to try it anyway.

9. This struggling foam alphabet board

It works! Kind of… But not really…

10. A hand going for some pringles

But seriously, when are they going to reformat the Pringles can?

11. This cute-but-terrified kitten

It's a life-changing experience, after all.

12. Some passionately awkward kangaroos

It probably was like that.

13. A surprised tea kettle


14. This frustrated mop

The anger of a failed first time is so real. 

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