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15 Times Chuck & Blair Were You & Bae


Even though Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass may be a fictional couple in the world of your dreams, that doesn't mean you and your bae don't find them relatable. Here are the 15 ways that you guys are pretty much the same couple. 

1. Sometimes you have your doubts 

2. Other times you're sappy

3. Sometimes you even get possessive 

4. It's really hard to move on from one another

5. All your friends know what's up 

6. You often ask too much of each other

7. You've agreed to fight for what's important

8. Your world crumbles when bae leaves 

9. You complete each other 

10. Despite being together for years, you still find ways compliment each other 

11. You've heard this before and know it's a lie… 

12. You always remind him you want to be independent

13. You both love napping together 

14. You even come up with cute nicknames for each other

15. No matter what, you'll be friends forever 

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