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16 Olympic Events You'd Easily Bring Home Gold In


You’ve been amazed at the talent this Olympic season––but that’s not to say you don’t have talents of your own. We can’t all be Simone Biles with our killer floor routines, but here’s a few events you can *definitely* take home gold in.

1. Competitive mirror selfies

2. Being in not particularly good shape

3. The “late to class” 100M sprint

4. Snapchat geotagging

5. Burrito lifting

6. Synchronized Starbucks drinking

7. Advanced ex creeping

8. Marathon procrastinating

9. Freestyle judgmental staring

10. Extreme thirstiness

11. Rhythmic emotional breakdowns

12. Unpaid interning

13. Michael Phelps objectifying

14. Micropetting your enemy’s tears

15. Extreme commitment issues

16. Beer pong

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