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Next Level Dorm Room Decorations That Will Stand Out


In a sea of bunk beds, it can be hard to showcase your personal style in your dorm. But we’ve found that with a few key dorm decorations, you can easily get the cutest room on your floor while also keeping your budget in tact! We partnered with IKEA to bring you some ~next level~ dorm decs that are sure to please any style. 

1. Curtains

Blinds can get boring, so adding a set of quirky curtains is an easy way to spice things up while also giving yourself some extra privacy. The IKEA MATTRAM curtains are sure to please crazy cat ladies and animal lovers alike.


2. Vases

Sleek, minimalist-style vases are a perfect addition to your bookshelf or bedside table—and they look ever-so-grown-up. Fill with fresh or fake flowers to give a little life to your room. We’re crushing over the IKEA SALONG white vase, which has been shaped by a skilled craftsman. You’ll be using these for way beyond college. 

3. Hanging decorations

Hanging decorations like the IKEA VISIONÄR add a playful touch to even the most standard dorm room. They’re crazy affordable too, so stock up on a couple and create a hippie vibe to your space. 

4. Pillows

Pillows are an easy way to liven up a space. Add a few to your bed and one on your desk chair to make a more comfortable dorm. We like the IKEA SANELA cushion cover—it’s a budget-friendly way to add a pop of color. 

5. Desk supplies 

Don’t settle for a drab desk. Up your productively level by surrounding yourself in colorful, versatile desk organizers like the IKEA HEJSAN pen cups. They’ll hold all of your essentials in style. 

6. Rug

One of the easy ways to distinguish your room is through rugs. Mask the inevitably-stained carpet from last year’s occupants with a chic rug that provides personality and a soft surface to walk on! We like the cool minimalist feel of the IKEA GÖRLÖSE rug.


7. Shower curtain

If you’re living in a suite-style dorm, you’ll have the opportunity to insert some style into your bathroom as well. Changing up the shower curtain is super easy and a great way to add color. The IKEA DOFTKLINT shower curtain is both super cute and functional—it has water-repellent coating.


Be sure to check outIKEA for all of your dorm-decorating needs this fall! 



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