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17 Reasons to Date the Girl That Can "Hang With the Bros"


This is a girl who isn't afraid to hang with the guys. Not only is she fun to be around, but she's also super ~chill~ and always up for beer and basketball. So forget what you know about clingy girlfriends and read on to see why this girl is pretty much an honorary “bro” and will always be the best of both worlds.

1. She will watch Sunday football with you all day long

Or without you—she’s watching either way, and probably shouting at the ref for missing another pass interference call.

2. She won’t be afraid to try new things

Cliff jumping and touch football? Bring it.

3. You'll never have to worry about bro time

She gets it…and also needs her own girl time too.

4. She isn’t clingy

Don’t expect to get texts checking in on you 24/7. She doesn’t have the time to worry about your every move.

5. You’ll have the best beer pong partner

Together you will be unstoppable. Other couples won’t have a chance.

6. Your friends will actually like having her around

A girl who drinks beer, likes sports and can just chill? They’ll actuallly look forward to her joining a few bro's nights.

7. She will defend you in any sports argument

If Brady didn’t know about deflate-gate, then why is he suspended for four games?

8. She can get ready in less than ten minutes...

...and still look fab.

9. She is independent

She doesn’t need a guy—you’re just lucky.

10. She won’t mind hearing about your fantasy football failures

She probably even has a fantasy football team of her own.

11. She can pull off the ‘I woke up like this’ look

And still looks like she could hit the runway.

12. You’ll always have a gym buddy

Need a spot?

13. She’ll tell it like it is

She isn’t afraid of letting you know when she's feeling sad or angry. Don’t expect to hear, “it’s fine.”

14. She is drama-free

She doesn’t have the time to be Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

15. She can eat her fair share

Splitting a pizza will never be a problem.

16. She’s fun to be around

You’ll probably spend more time laughing together than anything else.

17. She’ll become your best friend

Without girlfriend drama and craziness you’ll be able to rely on each other and be best friends before anything else.

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