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Your Ultimate School Bag, Based on Your Sign


The school year is almost upon us, and that means it's time to go back-to-school shopping. The most important thing on our shopping list is a killer (yet functional) bag. To make your BTS shopping that much easier, we've already found the perfect bag for you, based on your sign.

Aquarius: Bucket Bag

As the down-to-earth woman that you are, you need a bag that’s simple. A bucket bag is perfect for keeping things neat and lightweight. With a bag like this, you can always be sure you’ve got the essentials on you in style.

Pisces: Waterproof Tote

A waterproof bag (like a Longchamp tote) is sleek and straightforward, and that is the kind of bag you need in your life! It’s something that will get the job done but will look sophisticated and polished too. They come in all sorts of different colors, so you can express yourself and carry everything you need to be a #ladyboss.

Aries: Red Tote Bag

As a woman who likes to stand out from the pack, a red tote is the perfect bag for you. You’re daring when it comes to fashion, so the red delivers the perfect amount of boldness to any outfit.  A tote bag is great for you because you’re spontaneous and fun and prepared for any adventure, so it’ll be ready to take on the world when you are.

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Taurus: Classic Backpack

This is the OG of school bags. The fact that classic backpacks are both sturdy and reliable is what you’re all about. The best part about the original-style backpack is that they come in every trend and design imaginable. Everything from athleisure to solids to patterned, and of course just solid colors too.

Savanna Tavakoli, a Taurus and junior at Boston University, says “I always look for something really stylish and unique, in addition to being practical. I like to make sure that my backpack acts as a statement piece in some ways and can also match any outfit I'll potentially wear that year.”

With all the colors and patterns to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with this classic backpack.

Gemini: Floral Backpack

As a Gemini, you have a lively and young spirit, which is captured beautifully in a floral backpack, like the ones by Vera Bradley. The quilted, cloth texture is comfy and the patterns (like Northern Stripes or Pop Art) will have people turning heads because they’re so chic yet eye-grabbing. 

Cancer: Duffle bag

Cancer women are spontaneous, so you need to be prepared for any spur-of-the-moment adventure you might have. Enter: the duffle bag. It might sound crazy, but they come in a bunch of different styles (like this faux-leather one from Nordstrom), and will ensure that you have everything you need for yoga class, an early-morning hike, a late night study sesh or wherever you’re going on any given day.

Leo: Quirky Backpack

As a creative and fun-loving woman, you need a backpack that will express your personality. Whether that’s a pizza backpack (like this one from Nasty Gal), a Disney-inspired backpack (like this Peter Pan one) or anything in between, your enthusiasm for what you’re passionate about will speak through your backpack.

Virgo: Cross-body bag

A cross-body is efficient and simple, just like the Virgo. As someone who is super put-together, you need a bag that can hold all of your books and anything else you may need. A cross-body is a classy way of changing up your school-year style from the classic backpack.

Libra: Satchel

Satchels have the charm of a bygone era made new again, and that’s what you’re all about. Since you’re easygoing and sociable,this bag is super easy to carry around campus and wear while mingling with other people. You’ll come off as charming and polished with this classic silhouette!

Scorpio: Leather Tote

Classy and a true statement-maker, a leather tote bag is one you can rely on to match your bold personality. Krystal Douglas, a senior at Georgia State, carries a Michael Kors tote because it’s big enough to carry everything she needs. “That’s my bag of choice because I like to not forget anything, including food, my computer, planner, more snacks, etc.,” she says.

This Vince Camuto style (from Macy’s) has all kinds of pockets in it, and even on the front of it, so you can make sure you have everything you need to rule this school year.

Sagittarius: Laptop Bag

As someone who doesn’t even buy textbooks when she can purchase e-books, so what you need is a laptop bag. A laptop bag (like this elegant one from Kate Spade) is sturdy without being bulky. Your no-nonsense style matches perfectly with this sophisticated and straightforward bag.

Capricorn: Leather Backpack

You’re the woman with to-do lists all over her desk and a deep-rooted need to get things done fast. But you also want a bag that is as classic and sophisticated as you are. Nothing says classy like a leather backpack (like this one from Urban Outfitters). You can get them in tons of different designs, but we like ones with buckle straps to give it more character. No matter what style of bag you go for, they will all speak to your timeless sense of style.

From backpacks to duffel bags to satchels, we know you’re going to rock this school year, no matter what bag you carry. The hardest part is picking one that can carry all your stuff and go with your outfits! 

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