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15 Reasons Why Brunch is the Absolute Greatest Thing Ever


It’s Sunday morning. You roll out of bed, brush your teeth and realize with a surge of happiness that it’s the best time of the week: brunch time. You immediately feel excited for the day, reinvigorated by the idea of your favorite meal being only minutes away. Brunch is every girl’s fave meal of the week for about a million reasons. Here are our favorite things about brunch!

1. Rehashing the weekend with your girlfriends is not only a necessary component of brunch, it's what ties the entire event together.  

2. The food options are limitless. Pancakes and a burger? Why not?

3. So. Much. Coffee.

4. And mimosas (if you’re 21 or older)!

5. Ordering seconds. Or thirds.

6. It basically counts as two meals, so brunch is really an exercise in efficiency. 

7. Because you’re technically eating two meals, there’s no shame in filling your entire plate with all sorts of delectable things to nom on.

8. There’s usually bacon involved.

9. You can get away with things at brunch that wouldn't be socially acceptable in any other situation. 

10. There are so many possibilities for egg entrées. Eggs Benedict? An omelet? How about both?

11. After a long night out, eating brunch food makes you feel alive... and ready to to do it all again. 

12. Brunch usually lasts between two and three hours. If you try hard enough, you can even make it a daylong event.

13. It makes Sunday the best day of the week.

14. You can even have dessert! Dessert at breakfast, you ask? Yes, you heard us correctly. Dessert at breakfast.

15. Did we mention you get to hang out with your friends, talking and lazily easing into the day? If that’s not perfection, we don’t know what is.

Our mouths are salivating. Where the pancakes at? We hope you enjoy your brunch, no matter where you are or whom you're with.

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