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16 Signs You Studied Abroad in England


So you had a smashing time across the pond and now you’re back, refined as ever, because you developed an appreciation for English literature and breakfast tea. You were completely knackered after the 8-hour plane ride, but the hardest part about coming home has been readjusting to the American lifestyle (since you’re so posh now). We have faith that you'll revert to your old ways eventually, but like many students who spent a semester in England, you are probably guilty of these post-traveling transformations:

1. You say “flatmate” instead of “roommate.”

2. You think American boys look so sloppy (*sigh* English boys are right fit).

3. You are excellent at multiplying numbers by 1.6.

4. You know what bangers and mash is (but you still think it sounds funny).

5. You know “Ya alright?” is not synonymous with “Are you okay?”


6. When you cross the street, you have to think twice about which way to look first.


7. You cannot stand American accents anymore.

8. You know not all English accents sound the same.

9. You feel robbed every time you have to pay tip or tax.

10. You say "predrink" instead of "pregame."

11. You worship any sunlight you can get.

12. You are grateful to wash your hands at a comfortable temperature.

13. You think “fish and chips” has more of a ring to it than “burger and fries.”

14. Everything in American grocery stores looks twice as big as it used to.

15. You never want to see another “Keep Calm and Carry On” spoof ever again.

16. You start every story with “when I was in England….”

Cheers, mate!

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