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7 Signs You're The Sociable Loner Of Your Friend Group


If you find yourself between the two extremes of wanting to be the life of the party and wanting to crawl under a rock and hide away from people for good, chances are you're what's known as a sociable loner. It's a love-hate relationship between you and other human beings. 

1. Texting is a godsend 

A way to contact other people without actually having to talk to them? Best invention ever. 

2. You get legitimately annoyed when people try calling you

A phone call? How dare they! Don't your friends and family know by now texting is how you lovingly choose to communicate? 

3. Concerts, clubs and other loud, crazy venues make you feel highly conflicted

Of course we want to go. But what about all those people? Complete strangers? Yeah, not so excited anymore.

4. You have mixed feelings when a friend cancels plans on you

On one hand, it's a total relief. Now you can spend your entire night binge-watching Netflix. But on the other hand, you were genuinely looking forward to trying that new ice cream shop. 

5. You enjoy being the center of attention, but get easily frustrated when you feel misunderstood by the people around you

If they don't 'get you,' what's the point?

6. You never rely on other people for transportation to parties

We like having the control over how long you get to stay. Having to rely on other people to get home gives you so much anxiety. Especially if they don't want to leave when you do. 

7. Having a night in sounds so much better than a night out to you

Nights out usually include a bunch of heavily intoxicated strangers. It's not that we don't like meeting new people, but we want to make sure that we get to be with OUR people when we go out.  

The life of a sociable loner is without a doubt filled with contradictions. We look forward to seeing people, but aren't always so upset if plans get cancelled or things come up. Solitude is practically second nature, but we don't always mind being surrounded by people. Being friends with a sociable loner has its ups and downs, but it's worth it in the end. 

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