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We are giving away 3 XO planners on Snapchat!


GIVEAWAY ALERT! We are giving away three XO Planners on our Snapchat, so make sure to follow us to win @hercampus.com!

We were able to sit down for coffee to chat with the founder, Nina Truong about what it means to start a company, girl power and why everyone should have a relationship with their planner.


What inspired you to start your planner company?

I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities and very long hours of my programming manager job. I’m the type of person that feels less stressed when I’ve written it all down, but there wasn’t a planner out there that accommodated my busy schedule, or a cover design that perfectly appealed to my style.

I mocked up templates for my own personal use; my planner templates gave me a way to jot down my own schedule and everything else that I needed to feel a bit more sane. Once I started using them, I realized I needed to share this with other hustlers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers that felt the same way.

What was the most challenging aspect that you didn't expect about starting a business?

Meeting customer demand! The response to my first collection was incredible, so I sold out my inventory much faster than expected. Coming from a digital background, I never worried before about inventory levels! So, managing inventory was a new challenge and a new lesson I will have in mind as I’m manufacturing this upcoming collection. 

Dream job?

Being my own boss, and growing XO Planners to new heights. I’m always thinking of new ideas and I’m excited that I’m able to push boundaries.

Why should college girls and young women want your planners over other brands? What makes it unique?

Each page is a fresh new start and our edgy covers really speak to our consumers. The XO Planner is chalk full of planning pages and really pushes you to think about things other than your day to day tasks, like goals setting and finances. 

We’re not just a “planner brand”. We care about our community and we want to be there to support our customer’s every day wins and triumphs!

Where do you get design inspiration?

My surroundings in NYC really inspire me. From fabric shops in the fashion district to coffee shops, there is always something to draw from.

Any advice for inspiring entrepreneurs?  

Just be bold and go for it! Skip the “I wish… or Someday” and prioritize what is important in your life. If it is fear of striking out that terrifies you, think about if you’re going to be truly happy in the current state of your life. Jumping into the unknown is how you learn and grow. In most cases it won’t come easy, but it is nearly always worth it.

XO Planners can be followed @xoplanners on Instagram.

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