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24 Signs You’re the Aria Montgomery of Your Friend Group


If Picasso and Emily Dickinson had a daughter, maybe she’d be something like Aria Montgomery because this girl seriously has more creative bones in her body than we ever thought possible. She’s definitely the most reserved of all the liars. Then again, maybe it’s for the best, considering her writing, photography and fashion choices are as loud as ever (remind us later to contact her for notes on mixing prints)! It’s safe to say Aria probably doesn’t belong in this era or dimension. 

Sure, every friend group relies on powerhouses like the genius that is Spencer Hastings and the queen bee that is Alison DiLaurentis. But a clique couldn’t survive without someone as adorable as Aria to combat all of the tension. If you’ve considered accessorizing with silverware and you’re an old soul trapped inside of a teenage girl’s body, you just may be the Aria Montgomery of your friend group. Pay close attention to these 24 tell tale signs and you’ll know for sure!

1. You and ONLY you could pull off your style!

Please do enlighten us on your oh so fabulous ways! 

2. You have an appreciation for the arts.

3. You’re very protective of your family.

4. You’re a tad too sensitive.

You make us want to burst into tears everytime! 

5. You’re well-versed in literature so you know what’s good and what’s trash.

6. You're a hopeless romantic times 10!

7. And you’ve definitely had a Notebook moment once before.

Ughhh! Totes jealous!

8. Your friends can ALWAYS count on you!

9. You've been told you're an old soul. 

10. You and your mom are nearly as perfect as Lorelai and Rory.

11. You may be reserved but you’ve had the occasional outburst.

And you never disappoint when you do! 

12. You’re not afraid to hold your own in a confrontation with anyone.

13. And that goes for your friends too!

14. Every guy fawns over you even when you’re not trying! 

Your milkshake clearly brings all the boys to the yard!

15. Colorful streaks? You’ve been there, done that!

16. You’re prepared to give the occasional sass when necessary.

Z snaps for you girl! 

17. You’ve probably have had the hots for your teacher.

18. And you’ll likely be taking all your secrets to the grave!

19. You have the best facial expressions of anyone in your clique, hands down!

20. When someone hurts you it shakes you to the core.

21. But you’re always willing to forgive because you understand no one is perfect.

You're practically an angel sent to us from heaven. 

22. You can’t stand it if someone is upset with you.

23. And that’s why you’re probably the most loved of all your friends.

24. Basically, you’re the adored little kitten of the group.


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