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15 Memes That Are So You the First Time You Had Sex


Remember the first time you had sex? Lol, same. Whether it was the best sex you've ever had, pretty meh or flat out cringe-worthy, here are 15 memes that were ~so~ you during your first time. 

1. First there were those weird celibate years when you lived as a proud virgin

2. Until suddenly you and your partner wanted to have sex

3. And you frantically googled "how do I have sex"

4. Your sex drive was at an ultimate high

5. As you confidently tried to engage your partner in extra sexy foreplay 

6. (Which did not work out as expected)

7. It took you a few tries to figure out how lube and protection worked

8. And there was an irrational fear in the back of your mind something would go terribly wrong

9. But then it happened

10. At first you were like: 

11. And then more like: 

12. And your partner was like: 

13. And you both came out of it elated

14. Or aggressively underwhelmed

15. AKA this was your general consensus

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