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19 Things Only Girls with Big Boobs Will Understand


Whether you're a Double D Diva or you rock another letter of the alphabet, you know the unavoidable truths of having a big cup side. You've never been able to wear a bandeau, you've broken at least a few bra-straps and you can't wrap your head around a string bikini. Who thought a triangle was a good shape to cover your boobs with? If you've ever struggled to find a cute bra in your size (what's with all the beige?) or felt the sweet ecstasy of taking off that death trap (AKA bra) at the end of the day, then this one is for you!

1. Going down stairs is not fun.

 2. And going to the gym means not one, but many sports bras,

3. Or things are going to get interesting...

4. Bra shopping is a nightmare. 

5. And you can never find a cute bra in your size.

6. Boob sweat is a thing. 

7. And it is not a good time. 

8. Every V-neck shirt becomes unintentionally revealing,

9. And don’t get me started on strapless tops!

10. Sometimes things aren’t always even...

11. And whatever you wear, there is a lot of adjustment happening, 

12. And straps are always slipping,

13. Or simply breaking. 

14. You can’t wait to take your bra off at the end of the day, 

15. And nothing can express the joy you feel when you find a bra that fits perfectly. 

16. Sometimes you’ve felt self-conscious of your boobs, 

17. But you’ve grown used to your chest, 

18. And feel ready to take on the world. 

19. Cause if you got it, flaunt it. 

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