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17 Things You Should Never Say to Your Busy Friend


She always forgets to reply to the group text, she’s impossible to make plans with and you swear she never actually sleeps – she’s the busy friend. And as irritating as it can be to deal with her nonstop schedule, the worst thing you can do is try to change it. Accept the madness, embrace the insanity and steer clear of these 17 conversation starters.

1. "How much longer till you're ready?"

10 minutes, promise. No wait, 15.

2. "Are you here yet?"

I will be after I fold this load of laundry, empty the dishwasher and solve world hunger.

3. "You should stop getting involved with things."

Lol, you with the jokes!

4. "Why are you late?"

Something came up, okay?!

5. "Why won't you make time for me?"

I don't have time for myself half the time, let alone anyone else.

6. "Why haven’t you answered my text yet?"

You mean the one you sent five minutes ago? I'll get there, sheesh.

7. "You suck."

You know, I don't appreciate the hostility.

8. "You need to be more fun."

Sorry, guess I was born lame.

9. "Do you sleep?"

I mean, I get a solid four hours a night. That's normal, right?

10. "Do you breathe?"

Last time I checked.

11. "Why can’t you just be lazy?"

I tried once, I got bored. 

12. "Do it tomorrow."

There's no time like the present!

13. "You need to take a chill pill."

Please write me a prescription.

14. "You’re never going to get a guy this way."

Well, that's rude... and true.

15. "I slept for 12 hours last night."


16. "It’s so nice to have no obligations."

What a life. 

17. "Whatever, you’re not that busy."

Girl, bye. 

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