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14 Cheap But Cute Dorm Room DIYs


Moving into your first dorm room is a big transition. You're used to your house, which is homey and comfortable and has nice decorations. Unfortunately, most dorm rooms look a lot like a concrete box—it's up to you to make it cozy and stylish. You shouldn't spend an arm and a leg on your dorm decor. So why not try making some of it yourself? We suggest making these dorm room crafts with your new roommate. It's a fun bonding activity, and this way you can color-coordinate! 

1. Tissue Paper Flamingo

This lil flamingo is so cute. It can brighten up your window frame or your desk, adding a little cheer to your late study nights. 

2. Paper Flower Lights

Use colored cupcake liners to make these pretty flower lights. Make sure you use LED lights to avoid a fire hazard! 

3. Painted Bottles

How gorgeous are these bottles? Use them for flowers, as shown here, or to hold your pens and pencils or makeup brushes. 

4. Plastic Animal Canvases

You can get all the materials for these small canvases at the dollar store. These art pieces add such a fun pop of color to any room, and you can (and should) hang them with sticky hooks so they don't ruin the walls. 

5. Mouse Pad

This mouse pad is such a sweet touch to any desk. Pick any fabric you like—floral or otherwise! 

6. Printed Whiteboard

Buy a frame and some scrapbook paper at the dollar store. Place the paper in the frame, just like you would a picture. Then, write on the glass with dry erase markers. Use it for your grocery list or as a way to keep track of assignments. 

7. Succulent Bookends

Keep your books all in a line with these earthy little bookends. There's also a slot that works as a pencil holder, and the front can be made into a mini corkboard. Talk about double duty! 

8. Tassel Hanging

Class things up with this tassel hanging—doesn't it look like something that would sell at a hipster boutique for $80?

9. Mint Tassel Garland

There has never been an easier way to add flair to any area of your room.

10. Picture Frame Key Hook

Picture this: you're running late for class, and you can't find your keys. You panic, not knowing when your roommate will be back or whether she'll be able to let you in. Fear no more—this picture frame key holder will keep all your keys in one convenient place! 

11. Hanging Macrame Planter

How pretty are these planters? Cut up those old club T-shirts, and use the strips to make these hanging babes. Just don't put any holes in your ceiling, obviously. 

12. Confetti Tray

This confetti tray is so easy to make and looks adorable storing your office supplies or makeup. It also makes your desk appear neater and cleaner.

13. Marble Coasters

God forbid your coffee table get rings, Monica Gellar. JK, these coasters are cute as heck and super easy to make. #worthit

14. Rag Rug

The coziest thing you can add to your dorm room is a rug. Instead of spending a ton of money on one, make your own. P.S. Make sure it is soft and comfy.

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