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7 Things Disney Channel Movies Got Way Wrong About High School


Watching Disney Channel Original Movies was an important part of our childhood. While we may have grown up watching these movies, some of the lessons they taught us didn’t really fit the high school experience. As it turns out, we can’t rely on Disney Channel movies to teach us what high school is all about. Here are the biggest lies DCOMs told us.

1. Everyone's outfit is always on point

Probably the number one thing we learned from DCOMs is that everyone in high school dresses like a fashion icon. Not only do the girls in these movies have the coolest style, but they also rock some seriously bold fashions that we’re probably all guilty of trying out ourselves. We all wish we could pull of Lindsay Lohan’s cherry patterned jeans in Get A Clue or look as put together in head to toe pink as Sharpay Evans in High School Musical. While we can dream about looking this cool in the school hallways, in reality most days we’re lucky if we can get out of bed early enough to put on our nicest pair of leggings. 

2. People will constantly break into song

We don’t blame you for thinking everyone will start singing about the status quo during lunch time, especially after watching the High School Musical movies. Movies like these seemed so convincing, but the truth is not everyone likes to sing. Another thing to remember is that not everyone is looking to join an all-girl group like The Cheetah Girls or even start a band in detention like in Lemonade Mouth. We wish high school really was full of singing, but in reality it might get kind of annoying anyway. Unfortunately the only way your high school experience will be full of music is if you take choir. Maybe you should audition for the school musical, but lower your expectations about the top athlete secretly wanting to be your singing partner--it’s not likely. In the meantime, your shower makes for a good alternative.

3. A famous superstar can help you fix all your problems

Sure, it would be amazing for Beyoncé to show up and tell off the group of girls giving you a hard time, but it’s probably not going to happen. Movies like Stuck in the Suburbs and StarStruck probably got your hopes up about running into a famous pop star and getting them to help you solve all life’s problems. Even Zenon got help from Protozoa to help save her space station, but in her defense she did win a contest. Unlike in Disney Channel movies, you are on your own when it comes to facing your high school struggles. Maybe you can’t get personal advice from your favorite star, but your friends can probably give you a second opinion that means a lot more.

4. Playing a sport makes you ultra popular

While playing a sport in high school is a lot of fun, in the real world it doesn’t guarantee a spot at the cool table in the cafeteria. Kyle from The Luck of The Irish may have had a slight advantage, but his basketball skills crowned him king of the school. Unless you’re a pro like the girls from Double Teamed, don’t expect everyone to bow down to you in the hallways. Playing on a sports team is a great way to meet friends and get involved, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be number one on everyone’s radar.

5. Turning a specific age will change your life forever

Turning 16 may mean getting your license, but it doesn’t mean everything you wish for in life will come true. The DCOM 16 Wishes may argue otherwise, but in reality you’re lucky enough if you get a car for your sweet sixteen. While turning 13 is another milestone birthday, don’t have too high of expectations. You made it to the beginning of your “angsty” teenage years, but it’s highly unlikely you will start sprouting gills and a tail like in The Thirteenth Year. It’s exciting to turn another year older, but don’t use Disney Channel movies as a guide to life as a teenager. Throw a party to celebrate with your friends, but don't expect a life-changing epiphany.

6. If you don't fit in, you probably have magical powers

Grandma Aggie from Halloweentown may seem right about being normal, but when it comes down to it that is exactly what a lot of us are. Chances are just because you feel average doesn’t mean one day your long-lost relative will appear and tell you about the magical powers you didn’t know you had. Although it seems cool to be a witch from a secret land like in Twitches, if anything that would make school even harder. If you can't fit in with everyone else, then just embrace who you are, magical powers or not.

7. You are guaranteed to meet your soulmate

While some people may graduate hand-in-hand with their high school sweetheart, realistically a lot of people don’t meet their significant other until later in life. Unfortunately DCOMs like High School Musical and Camp Rock might alter your perceptions of high school relationships. While there are a lot of good guys out there, there aren’t any quite like Troy Bolton. Don’t have too high of expectations about finding your future husband or wife. Even if you don’t have a SO at all in high school, it doesn't mean you won’t find someone just as good as Troy one day.

Even though your favorite Disney Channel movies may have lied, it doesn’t mean they aren’t still amazing. So watch all you want, just remember to do so with caution. High school is a great part of life, but it also comes with its challenges. One truth you can take from these movies is that we really are all in this together!

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