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15 Things You Should Thank Your Best Friend For


Throughout the years, we often hear the saying: Friends come and go. Unfortunately, that comes true with a lot of our fleeting buddies, but, as we get older, we sometimes find out how much of a good thing that can be. We find out which of our many “friends” are true friends that we know will always stand with us and make us better people, as we will do for them, and simultaneously, we learn which friends never really fit the true definition of a friend and we can thank them for going. But here is a list of the top fifteen things we can thank actual friends for which earn them the title of “BFF”.

1. Telling you the truth

2. For having the confidence and courage to say and do things we wouldn't 

3. Listening to your venting

4…. And not judging you

5. Always providing you with the best advice

6. Knowing when to give you a girl’s night out

7. Reminding you when Game of Thrones comes on


8. Showing you your beauty

9. Letting you cry on their shoulder

10. For always remembering the golden rule: Sharing is Caring!

11. For all your similarities…

12. …and your differences!

13. Pulling an all-nighter with you

14. Knowing food is a #1 necessity when hanging out

15. For standing by your side

No matter what.


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