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What Finals Are Like, As Told By “Modern Family”, “Parks and Recreation” And “30 Rock”


It’s finals week, and you’re probably feeling a little like this:

Your professor says the exam is cumulative, and you’re just like,

You can’t find any of your notes from the semester.

Probably because you stopped taking any in class, thanks to Facebook and Pinterest.

But you try to start studying anyways. You get to the library, but there’s nowhere to sit and you’re like,

After 20 minutes of searching, you finally find a seat.

But when you accidentally make a lot of noise the girl across your table is like,

But then her phone rings, and everyone’s like,

And you’re like,

It takes you about 30 minutes to stop procrastinating and actually start studying.

It’s all going great, until your computer runs out of battery.

And you’re not next to an outlet.

And there’s no available outlet in sight.

Since you’ve been working so hard, you let yourself have a study break… or two… or ten.

Since studying on your own is clearly unproductive, you decide to join that class-wide study group.

You hope your classmates are going to be like,

But in reality, they’re more like,

So you end up having to pull an all-nighter.

And by “pulling an all-nighter,” we mean you’re doing a lot of this,

When nothing clicks, you’re like,

You resort to chugging coffee.

But a few cups later, you’re like,

The night before each final is always like this,

With a little bit of this,

But you always make it out in one piece somehow.

And then, you’re officially home free.


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