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9 Ways to Organize Your Dorm & Maximize Space


So your dorm is tiny, and you have no idea where to put all the (very necessary!) stuff you brought from home. Don’t worry, collegiettes—there are plenty of ways to maximize space and organize your new room. Try the simple tips below to fit all of your belongings into your dorm without sacrificing your sense of style!

1. Make the most of under-the-bed storage space

If you don’t have a bunk, you can use bed risers ($7.59 at Target) to create lots of extra under-bed storage space. Then all you need are a few storage boxes like these ones from Office Depot to keep those old magazines and Halloween costumes!

2. Put soda can tabs on your hangers

Life hack alert! Attach soda can tabs to your hangers to double them up, so you can store twice as much clothing in your tiny closet. A new excuse to shop? We’re sold!

3. Hang your shoes

If you’re anything like us, your shoes end up in an indistinct pile at the bottom of your closet two weeks into school. But not this year! Fix a hanging shoe organizer ($29 at PB Teen) to your closet door, and finding a certain pair when you’re late for class will be a piece of cake.

4. Keep your pens in check

Mix and match some interlocking drawer organizer trays like these ones from Target ($8.99) so that you always have a place to put the free pen you got from the latest activities fair. Plus, you can use as few or as many trays as you want at a time for maximum organization.

5. Store your jewelry in style

You’ll need some type of jewelry storage if you don’t want your necklaces to get all tangled up. This pretty jewelry box from PB Teen ($29) should do the trick!

6. Turn your dorm into a salon

Display all of your beauty essentials in a practical vanity organizer ($6.99 at Target). Watch out though—all your friends will be asking to borrow your nail polish.

7. Lose the cords

This desk organizer ($19.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond) includes a lamp, a charging station and a little storage tray so that your essentials take up much less space on your desk. Besides, in three sweet shades, they're adorable!

8. File your notebooks

If you still like the feeling of pen to paper, store your notebooks in this cool striped magazine bin ($4.99 at Target). Your plain shelves will look so much more fun, and you’ll end up saving a ton of space.

9. Find the perfect laundry hamper

We know—doing your laundry is the worst. Make it that much more exciting (and keep your piles of dirty clothing off ot the floor) with this adorably punny hamper ($34.95 at VS PINK)!

Follow our advice, and you’ll have the cutest, most organized dorm room ever!

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