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13 Dogs You Need to Follow on Instagram


The sweetest and chicest Instagram stars are not style bloggers or celebrities. No, dear friends, the best Instagram accounts to follow belong to cuties of the canine variety. There are thousands of puppies splashed across Instagram, but these are the absolute best. We are obsessed with these Instapups - they’re just so adorable!

1. Simon (@simon_sayswoof)

Simon, a golden retriever, hails from Boston. He loves riding in cars, going on adventures around New England and taking long naps.

2. Beta (@dearbeta)

This French bulldog’s name is Beta. He currently lives in London with his human, and he has the most gigantic eyes and tongue. We just want to cuddle with him for days.

3. Boo (@buddyboowaggytails)

Boo may be the most famous Instapup, with more than 300,000 followers on Instagram and 11 million “likes” on Facebook. Boo has his own stuffed animal, which is the cutest thing ever. He even gets to hang out with celebrities like Tory Burch!

4. Corgnelius and Stumphrey (@corgnelius)

This Instagram account features not one, but two fluffy corgis named Corgnelius and Stumphrey. First of all, these brothers have the best dog names we’ve ever heard. Second of all, they are so stinking cute when they’re together that we couldn’t resist following them. They have more than 12,000 Instagram followers and 47,000 Facebook “likes,” so we're willing to bet we’re not the only ones who think these are the coolest Pembroke Welsh Corgis around.

5. Sir Charles Barkley (@barkleysircharles)

Another French bulldog, this handsome pup lives in Seattle. He is known for his winning smile and support of the Seattle Seahawks. Even though he has a fancy name, word on the street is that Barkley is actually a really friendly dog. If you’re in the Boston area, come hang out at our office, Barkley!

6. Kona (@thingskonacarried)

Kona is a pretty golden retriever who likes to hold things in her mouth. Whether she's carrying pistachios or remote controls, she’s super handy when it comes to fetching things. She’s just the sweetest thing, and we can’t get over how cute she is.

7. Bella (@missbellaboop_)

Bella, a black lab mix and an Instagram newbie, actually belongs to Her Campus designer Kelsey Thorn! Bella loves to come play at our office, and she's very friendly. When she’s not cuddling with us, she likes to have her picture taken. Follow her on Instagram to see what Bella is up to!

8. Tibbe (@bingelibong)

This pup is basically a ball of fluff. We are so in love with Tibbe, who is a Swedish cockapoo; we can’t stop her liking pics and fawning over her fluffiness! Can we get like 12 of her for our office??

9. Joy Brito (@joy_brito)

Joy Brito is a Morkie from Miami. She may actually be the most stylish dog we’ve ever seen. Her hair is always perfect (girl, what’s your secret?) and is perfectly accessorized at all hours of the day or night. Her blunt bob is chic and fashion-forward… so much so that we are wondering how it’s possible that we’re being out-chiced by a puppy.

10. Winston (@winstagramwinston)

Winston, a Jack Russell terrier, may be 16 years old, but he’s still one of the cutest dogs we’ve ever seen. He’s a real sweetie, he loves naps and he looks fantastic in red.

11. Theodore Fitzpatrick (@theodorefitzpatrick)

Teddy is the puppy of The College Prepster’s Carly. He may have a long name, but he’s really quite a little fellow. He’s just as preppy as his human, and he has even hung out with us at Her Campus!

12. Toast (@toastmeetsworld)

Toast is a King Charles spaniel from New York City. Like her Insta-bio says, she has no teeth, so her tongue hangs out “like a cute hobo.” Toast has hung out with celebs like Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller. Lucky dog!

13. Major (@majortheyorkie)

We have a soft spot for Yorkies. They’re so cute, cuddly and, in the case of Major, photogenic! Isn’t he the best?


There are tons of puppies on Instagram, so it’s possible that we missed one of your favorites. Which dogs do you follow? Let us know so we can follow them, too! 

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