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17 Things Only Brutally Honest People Understand


1. You discover early on that your honesty is not appreciated by everyone 

2. In fact, some people may find you rude or overbearing 

3. Which might make sense because sometimes you're more brutal than you are honest 

4. Nevertheless, you're never afraid to tell it like it is 

5. Because you just don't f**cking care

6. It takes great effort for you to keep your mouth shut 

7. But when it's important, you know when to zip it 

8. You find that people often have no idea how to respond to your blunt comments 

9. You know how to keep your friends in line and they appreciate you for that 

10. You can't stand it when people sugarcoat the truth 

11. Sometimes people are afraid to speak in front of you 

12. People are surprised when your honesty is genuine and sweet

13. Your opinion has been feared on more than one occasion 

14. Sometimes people are unsure as to whether or not you're joking 

15. But if you're super unfiltered they'll probably assume you're joking 

16. You know better than most that honesty is always the best option 

17. Because at the end of the day, you just say what you gotta say 

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